Has your journey in this lifetime been hard, heartbreaking, or almost impossible? I completely hear and understand you. Here’s a perspective on why this lifetime has been hard.

The story of Sisyphus

I am a lover of Greek mythology and it’s sad to say I can relate to my man, Sisyphus. The story for those that are unfamiliar is this: Sisyphus was the King of Ephyra, now known as Corinth. The story leads that Sisyphus cheated death twice, so Hades punished him by having him pushing a boulder up a hill only for it to roll down every time. Does this sound like your life? It sure was for me. When I go back to the story there can be much to interpret. Why did he cheat death twice? What did the boulder represent? What I can take away from it is you pay the price for the crime — karmic lesson here. 

Karmic lesson and soul contracts

Are you familiar with Karma? Karma is adapted from your eastern philosophies and religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. Karma lessons simply means that you did not learn something in a past life so you will repeat this until you get it correctly. Powerful, right?! I bet your brain is racing, but seriously can you think of a recurring theme in your life? Poverty? Bad luck? Always losing, never winning? These repeating themes mean something. It amazes me of the ignorance to not fully surrender and understand that we literally sign up for our life – it’s a soul contract. We do this for a few reasons. One, to make good on bad things in the past (basically, your spirit guides will ask you what lesson you want to learn in this lifetime). Soul contracts aren’t forever and actually can be made with people, too. For instance, my son and I have lived together in previous lifetimes. Same with my husband; we have been married in past lives. 

To get a little more transparent for your understanding, I believe one of my life lessons this time is about boundaries. I have been so abused in most of my past lives that this is the first time I have made attempts to break the cycle. Left an abusive ex-husband, disconnected from my abusive family. Does this make a little more sense? There’s a lot of woo woo here, but trust me when you finally wrap your head around it, the light bulb goes off. Think of deja vu, that’s just a snippet of remembering a previous location or person. Those who are spiritually gifted like myself can see thousands of lifetimes. It comes with its perks and can be wholeheartedly hard to digest. But it’s a part of the purification process of the soul. 

What can you learn from my journey

If you can fully surrender and accept that you are meant to go through some shit and ask for guidance on healing from it, this is the beautiful part of God’s grace. This is where I personally grew my relationship with Him. My life was very hard, to the point of considering suicide a few times – that’s how painful its been. Now, I never attempted suicide but I had many moments on the floor begging for God’s mercy to be upon me and to take away the pain. Then a light bulb went off one day in a moment. He never once left my side the whole entire time, and at that moment I understood. I am here to learn some lessons and pay for some bad mistakes in previous lives, and I feel I did with grace and honor. I will even thank Him for this lifetime — the good, bad and terrible — for it’s given me the resiliency, strength, and courage I needed to overcome and do some good things in my life. There is a definite warrior in me. Maybe there’s a warrior in you, as well. Look up, ask for His help, His grace, what you are supposed to learn, accept it with honor. I promise you things will shift in front of your eyes.

Much love sisters,


Felicity Nicole


Felicity Nicole
I am Felicity Nicole creator and owner of She Is You, a brand for midlife women that are seeking to rediscover who they are. I am an author, speaker, mentor and mother to a 14yr old son, and 3 fur babies. In my downtime I can be found, outside in my garden with my dogs soaking up the sunshine.
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