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Rediscover joy, connection, and fulfillment as a midlife woman

Check out ways I can help you rediscover what you want out of life, reconnect to yourself, and feel desirable as a woman over 40. 


Become the best version of you in community with others on the same journey as you

Get the resources, tools, and community you need in order to step into the most fulfilled version of you. 

"Felicity gets right to the core of the problem."

—Holly L.

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Discover what's holding you back in a powerful and safe space

In just 1 hour together, we’ll uncover what’s holding you back from living your most fulfilled life so you can walk away feeling recharged with passion and purpose.

"...her dedication to her clients and the way she can get right to the core of the problem...Felicity will make you work during your sessions."

— AMY P.


The most empowered, fulfilled version of you is waiting to be discovered

This mentorship is for the woman who is ready to do the deep and hard healing work that’s required for true transformation. In this 6-month mentorship, we examine every area of your life and work on a long-term vision that recharges you with excitement and passion through curiosity and spiritual work. 

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