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  • Breathing In Spring Renewal

    Did you know lots of us set our new year’s resolutions in spring? There is a new culture of understanding that setting new year’s resolutions in a season of death or dormancy doesn’t resonate with us anymore. Instead we are allowing the winter season to do its thing and breathe in Spring as the season […]

  • How to Seek Comfort During Times of Uncertainty

    Who here is a Gen Xer who remembers Mister Rogers and loved him?! I can recall the comfort from watching Mister Rogers on PBS and listening to his soft, compassionate tone telling each and every one of us to seek the helpers during a time of crisis. Hello!  We Are in a Period of Uncertainty […]

  • Is Your Journey a Rocky One? This Could Be Why

    Has your journey in this lifetime been hard, heartbreaking, or almost impossible? I completely hear and understand you. Here’s a perspective on why this lifetime has been hard. The story of Sisyphus I am a lover of Greek mythology and it’s sad to say I can relate to my man, Sisyphus. The story for those […]