• Why 2023 is the Year for Women in the Workforce

    Do you want to know why women are leading the workforce? Since the fall of Covid we have seen unemployment rates go up, down, up, and sideways but what remains stable is that women are forging their way into continued education to further their careers and that’s why 2023 just may be the year of […]

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  • Breathing In Spring Renewal

    Did you know lots of us set our new year’s resolutions in spring? There is a new culture of understanding that setting new year’s resolutions in a season of death or dormancy doesn’t resonate with us anymore. Instead we are allowing the winter season to do its thing and breathe in Spring as the season […]

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  • Is Your Journey a Rocky One? This Could Be Why

    Has your journey in this lifetime been hard, heartbreaking, or almost impossible? I completely hear and understand you. Here’s a perspective on why this lifetime has been hard. The story of Sisyphus I am a lover of Greek mythology and it’s sad to say I can relate to my man, Sisyphus. The story for those […]

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