Who here is a Gen Xer who remembers Mister Rogers and loved him?!

I can recall the comfort from watching Mister Rogers on PBS and listening to his soft, compassionate tone telling each and every one of us to seek the helpers during a time of crisis. Hello! 

We are in a period of uncertainty

I am not sure who here is spiritual, religious, or downright atheist. Regardless of your belief system, what I would love to know is: How are you handling the past few years – like, since COVID-19 hit? Seriously, I am going to poke the bear and ask all of you: Have you recognized that we have entered a season of uncertainty? Now, we can go down the YouTube or TikTok rabbit hole for hours and explain and debate our theories on why we are experiencing revolutions. Personally, as a non-practicing Catholic but a student of theology and practicing Christian, I can say on a spiritual and metaphysical level we are shifting into a new  world, and the old system is breaking apart. 

HUH – What did she just say?!

Yes, that was a mouthful. Yes, I am spiritually gifted and I do practice Christianity and I participate in the Eucharist monthly at a Catholic mass. But that’s a side note!  To answer the WHAT from above, what I am seeing and feeling, and what I am hearing in and amongst other spiritual communities, healers, etc.: We are in a huge shift, and, yes, I do see a polarity of good vs. evil having a major battle right here in front of our eyes. Call it whatever you want. I will proudly state we are witnessing a battle of God vs. Satan quite literally in front of our faces.  If you don’t agree, that’s cool; however, the question was how are you coping with all of this? Think for example, your 401k, retirement funds – shit, if you’re a boomer about to retire, you could potentially be pretty much screwed!  The massive media brigade, the lies, and misuse of communication – who here hasn’t heard Mark Zuckerberg rat out the FBI on Joe Rogan’s podcast? Yes, people, open your eyes, put your phones down, and really take a look around. Shit has hit the fan, and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. 

Sooooo, the million-dollar question: How can you “seek the helpers” during a time of crisis?

This is where Fred Rogers comes in. He taught us Gen Xers how to look for the helpers during a crisis. Think 911; we saw thousands of cops and firefighters sacrifice their lives to save people they didn’t even know. Now we have bills across the country to defund the police, to empower the criminal. Do you see the backwards chaos here? Do we need justice reform? Hell, yes! Can there be abuse of power within the police? Absolutely. But it seems like 2019 was literally the last good year – so, how are you coping? Are you getting curious; are your eyes opening up to the bigger picture here? There are so many helpers out there ready to jump in – more than we think. But hands up if you are amongst the hundreds and thousands of people I am coming across who have done exactly what we should do – grabbed their Bibles and began to dig.  

What’s the old saying? “There are no atheists in foxholes”?

I can’t count on both hands the number of messages I’ve received from people and friends and acquaintances I have spoken to, all opening up to me, who even if they don’t believe are curious to understand. And if they do believe, boy, I tell you they will whip out those scriptures and teach you. So right there, we have our helpers amongst us to bring one another peace and comfort.  Now in my world, the spiritual side of things, I can say there are unseen helpers here battling as well. This is where scripture comes in and the importance of the word of God. We must have faith in all of this; know that if you are a true believer of Christ that you shall be saved or safe. I can even go so far as to say that in my most recent meditations, I keep hearing and seeing “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, have mercy on us” with the image of the lamb’s blood all over houses. 

Don’t you get shy on me, soul

There’s a beautiful song, “Gratitude” by this Christian-based songwriter, Brandon Lake; with his amazing voice he sings so perfectly, “so come on my soul, oh, don’t you get shy on me, lift up your song….” He connects well to the truth that we are all flawed and imperfect, and all we may offer the Lord is praise. Get on those knees and praise Him; don’t be shy. It’s OK. Remember God loves us all unconditionally; he knows that we are all born flawed. Dig into Genesis and see for yourself the amount of sin, murder right off the bat within the old world. 

Continue to seek peace and comfort

Remember, we all lead different lives with different belief systems. If you find comfort within meditation, knock yourself out. FYI, so do I! If it’s hunkering down with your family, DO IT.  If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, and/or fear, please know those are low vibrational energies – literally what’s walking the earth. Those low vibrations feed the fight and anger and destruction that is happening. Understand that there is a wide variety of support out there: online, apps, therapists – regardless of your socioeconomic status. Shit, YouTube meditations to increase your frequency are free. That is the trick: to increase your vibration. I have even put Christian radio hits on throughout my home to keep the vibe high, because when there is light, darkness is curious. I always have to shoo away low-energy beings. In summary, where there is chaos, there will be comfort within your home, within your community – you just need to reach out. And, of course, we here in this community are always here to support you. It’s a crazy time to feel alone, but know that you are never alone. God doesn’t leave our side; He’s simply waiting for us to turn to Him. 

Much love and gratitude, for we will win this crusade!


Felicity Nicole

Felicity Nicole
I am Felicity Nicole creator and owner of She Is You, a brand for midlife women that are seeking to rediscover who they are. I am an author, speaker, mentor and mother to a 14yr old son, and 3 fur babies. In my downtime I can be found, outside in my garden with my dogs soaking up the sunshine.
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