Winter Weight: Do We Even Care Anymore?

Are we even concerned about winter weight anymore?

Could the days of hiding behind extra layers of clothes behind us? As we normalize a healthier standard of body image for women, acceptance of the once frowned upon “muffin top” might just be here! Ladies- it may be time to embrace what your ideal of body positivity is this winter season!

In past years, we would have been concerned about holiday weight gains as we look forward to pies and cookies and roasts. But this year, are we as concerned?

Last week I talked to a friend who told me she was just refitted for bras, and her cup size increased. For some, this would be good news. Others might not welcome the change so much. But, for her, it was simply another realization of how much her body has changed this year ‘due to COVID’.

Can you relate to a few extra pounds (or sizes) in the last year? Most can, celebrities and fitness buffs included. While some have used this time to finance a new Peloton or perhaps try intermittent fasting, keto, plant-based eating, or other methods of staying lean… the majority are struggling with the extra pounds.

Due to the happy hormones released when eating, the distractions that baking and eating provide, and the reuniting with friends at restaurants or in our homes we’re all too thrilled to eat. Not to mention all the ‘soft pants that look like real pants’ options.

So, should you be worrying this winter?

It depends on who you are and your situation:

  • If you’re already carrying a few extra pounds, you may throw caution to the wind and say you’re going to keep having fun. 
  • If you’re struggling with emotional or hormonal changes, you might find happiness in some extra bites of comfort foods.
  • If you’re more concerned with keeping your family safe and sound, worrying about 5-10 pounds more won’t be the first thing on your mind this holiday season.

But, you might be gearing up to start watching the scale: 

  • If you’re worried about health issues that come with being too overweight (I’m looking at you, type 2 diabetes).
  • If your clothes aren’t fitting and you can’t keep buying new, larger sizes or you need to fit into a certain outfit that’s a little snug right now.
  • If you’re going back to in-person events and could use the boost of confidence that being at your optimum weight provides.
  • If a bathing suit vacation or major reunion is on the horizon for you and you want to feel and look your best.

The bottom line: we all have to do what works for ourselves and weigh all the options (excuse my pun). But keep in mind that with all we’ve been through, many are carrying around more weight than usual, and if you decide not to worry about extra winter pounds this year, you won’t be judged for it the way you might have in times past. 

In fact, at the time of writing this, Jonah Hill and Adele recently spoke out about body judgement from well-meaning fans, asking that people not assume to know about them or the circumstances around their weight.

And you shouldn’t judge yourself either, whether you are a fitness queen or not so much because that’s where we are this winter.

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