is it time to take a spiritual cleanse

What is a spiritual cleanse and why should I do it?

Before I answer WHY you should do a spiritual cleanse, let’s first define WTF a spiritual cleanse. It’s a cleansing of the soul, a personalized ritual to re-group, re-center, and re-ground into who you are at your core. It’s a way to clean out the crap (old beliefs that either belongs to you, were implanted into your consciousness by family, friends, mentors, etc., or are ingrained in your DNA and passed down from your ancestors from centuries ago) so you can listen in to that subtle voice of intuition so you can hear it again and build a deeper level of trust. Also, you can follow all the spiritual gurus you want, read all the books you want, and follow all of the “ready-made” rituals you want. None of that actually matters. What matters is learning the tools of how to cleanse, having the intention to do so, and trusting yourself that “you’re doing it right.” Use anything you’ve read or learning as a guide, and if something doesn’t feel right, then inquire with yourself by asking some questions like:

  • “Does this not feel right because it’s new and different, and I’m slightly scared or unsure?” 
  • “Does this not feel right because it doesn’t resonate at all?” 
  • “Does a part of the ritual sound super dumb and lame to you?”

Become curious! Again, this is how you learn to listen to that intuitive voice and build that trust – a trust that lets you know you’re always doing it right

Let’s quickly discuss resonance. How we use the word associated with “spiritual resonance” comes from the study of Mechanics within the realm of physics, a condition in which an object or system is subjected to an oscillating force having a frequency close to its own natural frequency, so when we say “does this resonate with me?” we are referring to how good it feels within your own human energy field, and/or does this feel “true” for you? This is why learning to tune into your own intuition is so important. It’s one thing to learn from a guru. It’s another to take what you’ve learned and make it into your own personalized practice. When we don’t, we’ve only learned that this one person outside of ourselves only has the answers, and you fail to learn to think for yourself. This means you’re missing the point of spirituality in and of itself!

Is it time to take a spiritual cleanse

WHY do it?

Now that I’ve answered WTF a spiritual cleanse is…let’s go back to WHY do it. I led into it at the beginning of this article – to clean out the crap! To sum up a lot of technical jargon, we have a physical body that we live in and experience, and we have a subtle body that makes up our energetic field, which surrounds our physical body. The subtle body is made up of emotions and thoughts that interact with the subtle bodies of people we are around daily, which is where a discussion on quantum physics comes into play (but that’s for another day!). A spiritual cleanse will clean out your energy field of emotions and thoughts, which affects your physical body. What happens within your physical body and mind affects your energy field and your output into the world.

So, what is stuck inside all of these co-mingling parts

  • Stress, frustration, resentment

  • Fear, defensiveness, procrastination

  • Addictions & attachments

  • Low self-esteem 

  • Ego, old beliefs of yourself, drama

  • Comparing yourself to others

  • Negative and obsessive thinking

  • Denial, scarcity, control

  • Emotional energy from unhealthy relationships, fear of intimacy, and people-pleasing behaviors

  • The desire to fix someone other than yourself

  • Pain

  • Toxins

So, HOW do I do a spiritual cleanse?

Like I mentioned earlier, pretty much whatever you want! And if you’re new to this idea, that helps like not at all, I get that. So I’ll give you some guidelines. Journal, write down what you want to get rid of, what’s bothering you, what is no longer serving you where you’re at in life and anything else that comes to mind…

Take a mindful bath

If you have crystals, use them, pick some essential oils that you can add a few drops to in a bag of Epsom salt (remember water and oil don’t mix…so put your oils in salt so they can better blend into your bath water and not just sit on top). This will help keep you present because it will activate your sense of smell, bringing us out of mind and into the present moment.  If you have them, pick some crystals to sit on the side of the tub with you (not all can be submerged). Once you’re in the bath, please do all you can to focus on WHAT you’re doing and WHY you’re doing it. Wash your hair and be there mentally; wash your face & body and be there mentally. Pronounce to yourself what you are cleansing yourself of that came from your journal activity.  Once you’re done with the bath, unplug the drain, and thank Mother Earth for taking all of it and ask for her to transmute it to its highest good. Don’t have a bath? You can do the same thing with a shower.

Play some light meditative music

Go to YouTube and search for meditation music and play something while you get dried off and get dressed.  Breathe, keep the meditation music on once you’re dressed, and sit cross-legged on a pillow so you can do some meditative deep breathing. Try box breathing where you inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 5, and exhale for 5, or alternate nostril breathing or another breathing technique of your choice.

Get moving

Do some light movement like walking, yoga, or stretching, sling some cards. If you’ve got a tarot or oracle deck, pull some cards for yourself as an inspiring message for yourself moving forward. Don’t get a deck? Find someone to read for you or look up your astrology reading for the day/month/year. One of my favorites is reading the Monthly Forecast on So this ^ literally could be a ritual you do for a spiritual cleanse. I just made it up now as I wrote this. That’s how easy this can be. Tune in. What do you feel you need at this moment? Let your intuition guide you, and if it guides you back to this article, great! If it guides you to a guru or book for training on cleansing, great! If it guides you to a healer, great! If it guides you to simply using a salt scrub in the shower with some mindfulness, great! 

You’re doing it right. 

Namaste lovelies, 

The Meesh


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