How to choose an acupuncturist

When choosing an acupuncturist, keep these 7 tips in mind!

  1. Get a referral or go by the person’s reputation. It is always a good idea to ask your family, a friend, or co-worker if they have a practitioner they are happy with. Reputation goes a long way for an established acupuncturist. You may need to take a chance on a new one in the absence of other options.
  2. Look at the acupuncturist’s credentials and training. Do some research or homework and make note of the particular practitioner’s training and certifications. Focus on areas that dovetail with your health needs. 
  3. Location! Is the office easily accessible? Is there adequate parking? Is it in a safe location? Will you have to climb stairs? Evaluate any handicap needs,
  4. Explore payment options. Do you have insurance coverage for this kind of treatment? If so, call check the preferred provider. Cash-only practices are common in the field. Ask if payment plans are available if the quoted cost exceeds affordability for you.
  5. Office atmosphere. If possible stop by your office of choice to pick up paperwork instead of printing online. Make note if the office is clean, friendly, and inviting.
  6. Technique. Acupuncture styles vary greatly from office to office and person to person. Some offices have laser acupuncture available, so the treatment is needle-free.
  7. Additional services.  Services vary greatly by practitioner. Some offices will offer therapies like Tui Na, Guasha, and cupping while others do not. Herbal medicine and nutritional supplements may be specialties. 

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