What sleep habits say about you

what your sleep habits say about you

Many experiencing a lack of deep sleep accelerate the activity of their nervous systems. It is risky and can lead to major ailments.

Do you find yourself often waking up during the night?  You may not be getting a rejuvenating sleep, and your body has adopted an unhealthy sleep cycle. When you miss out on deep sleep, your body and brain are deprived of essential repair time. Sleep deficiency may raise the risk of chronic health concerns such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Our sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight) is relaxed during sleep, but if you sleep deficient. Its activity can increase, leading to such conditions as higher blood pressure. 

Poor sleep maybe a sign of an underlying issue. Consider consulting with your doctor.

We all know sleep plays a vital role in health and well-being. Getting enough sleep for your body helps protect your mental and physical health, along with your quality of life. During sleep, our bodies are supporting brain function, while affecting our productivity levels and reaction time. While we sleep, the brain is firing new pathways to help us remember and learn information. Sleep also enhances our problem solving skills, including paying attention, making decisions, and being creative.

While asleep deficiency may contribute to more serious mental health concerns, it can also be linked to decision making, controlling your emotions and behavior, and coping with change. Lack of sleep often lowers mood, increases anxiety, and contributes to brain fog. Your immune system is supported by an optimal sleep cycle too. An excellent night’s sleep enables your body to fight common infections. During sleep, the immune system releases cytokines that help your body fight inflammation, injuries, infection, and trauma. 

 7 Tips for Better Sleep

Here are seven great tips to incorporate into your sleep routine; even trying two or three out of the seven can benefit your sleep.

  1. Watch your vitamin intake. Vitamin B complex and vitamin C can be gently energizing, so intake is recommended before 2:00pm. 

  1. Avoid or limit caffeine and stimulants like coffee and alcohol late in the afternoon. Having these late in the day can set you up for a disturbed sleep pattern. 

  1. Try to avoid late evening or high-intensity night time workouts. Instead, go for yin or restorative yoga, walking, or a low impact workout to help calm rather than stimulate your body before bed. Try a calming tea like chamomile or a lavender Epsom salt bath to relax your body for the night.

  1. Aim to have your evening meal at least by 7:00 pm. This way, your body has enough time to rest and digest as it winds down for the night. This will help promote optimal cell repair during sleep. 

  1. Eliminate blue light screen time at least half an hour before bed. The blue light acts as a stimulant and reduces the release of melatonin. Try reading a book; this can help lower stress hormones and promote a gentle transition into sleep. 

  1. Journaling before bed has amazing mental and spiritual health benefits. Unloading thoughts and experiences lets your day flow out, helping clear the mind of external stressors. Try focusing on gratitude and a positive experience during the day; even the smallest event is a victory! 

7.Aim to be sleeping by 10:30pm. As mentioned, catching our body’s natural signal for sleep is key to falling asleep easier and staying asleep longer.

The mentality of “work, work, work, you can sleep when you’re dead” is no longer the mantra! Your body needs this time to repair and regenerate! Stopping long enough for check-in and intentionally listening to your body at nighttime can make the difference between a broken night’s sleep and wake well-rested. Your energy and productivity the next day will depend on it. 

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