Did you know that daily journaling can improve these functions

Journaling can look different for all of us. Some may life to sit quietly and put their thoughts and feelings to paper, while others like myself dig into a spreadsheet. Whatever- you call it or do, journaling helps improve our mental clarity, goal setting, and reconnecting to our inner self. 

Many of my friends kept a diary in their teens – not me!

I have many friends who now journal day by day – not me!

I have never been one for writing my thoughts or recording my days yet these days I do keep a spreadsheet recording my tasks day by day so I suppose this could be called journaling.

There are various ways to journal the spreadsheet being one, a diary, a voice recording to name but a few.

I don’t ask my clients to journal, neither do I discourage them from doing so. However, the spreadsheet is something that I do ask though for. To me, this is a great way of focusing the mind.

It is that focusing of the mind that brings clarity and focus to our lives, quietens that little voice that says you can’t when in truth you can.

By keeping my spreadsheet which I type up every Sunday my mind is focused upon what it has to deal with day by day.

I don’t just record my appointments and tasks to do with work. I record things that need to be addressed around the home as well, and of course, I always schedule in some ‘me’ time!

“Me” time is time for me time to pamper myself, a visit maybe to the hairdresser, have a manicure or pedicure or at may age a face waxing! A long soak in the bath, time to sit and read whilst enjoying a cuppa or just sitting and being!

When I don’t type up my schedule and cross of the tasks I have hoped to complete, I find that I flounder, not actually able to achieve anything substantial.

It is said that journaling can help you:

  • Journals Help You Goals
  • Improve Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Improve Insight and Understanding
  • Track Your Overall Development
  • Facilitate Personal Growth

As I have said I don’t journal or keep a diary only a spreadsheet but when you look at what journaling can help you with the spreadsheet ticks all the boxes!

For I am focusing upon my goals as I am recording the daily steps to achieve them!

It is giving me clarity and focus as I think about what I want to do day by day week by week.

I am delving deeper into ways of achieving my goals and understanding why something does or doesn’t work!

And of course, my personal growth is being developed as I learn what works and doesn’t work for me.

Of course, not all will benefit from this kind of ‘therapy’ for that after all is what journaling is whether it is that diary, journal or spreadsheet and therefore it may not tick all the boxes for you!

The one thing it will do though is highlight what is or isn’t working for you, what areas of your life you are comfortable with and which you aren’t so comfortable with.

It will show you what wants decluttering from your comfort zone, therefore, bringing you some kind of clarity and focus, when I don’t use my spreadsheet I seem to become sort of unstable like a ship without its rudder bobbing along not really knowing what to do next!

When I first got to the point through discussions of not liking myself I attended a self-awareness course. Here we were given tasks that had to have a written answer in some ways it was like an enforced journal as we recorded those things that came to the surface whilst answering the questions!

I then was encouraged to take an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as a friend believed that when I was reading my Tarot/Soul cards I was coaching – for me this revisited much of my self-awareness course, which is not a bad thing and guided me to Kinetic Shift.

Are you still wondering what journaling can do for you?

Then ask yourself:

  • Are you foundering?
  • Do you feel as though you are stuck in a rut?
  • Does it feel that something is missing from your life?
  • Are you wanting more?

Were you able to answer – if not then what harm can it do to start that recording either in a diary, journal or spreadsheet.

It may not answer all your questions but it will focus your mind, enable you to express rather than bottle up and no doubt will start to show you open doors!

Maybe though you are like me know that you should but something is holding you back.

You may not have a person who you can talk to that gets you to the place you know you need help – whether that is self-awareness, counselling or indeed Kinetic Shift Therapy, giving yourself permission to express in this way will focus your mind and bring you clarity on what areas of your life do need help.

It could be that you keep drifting back to the past as you start writing highlighting that the block lies there and of course there are many ways in which this can be addressed for me it proved to be Kinetic Shift.

They say that there is a book within us all and journaling certainly would be a great foundation for this should you choose to be published, write an e-book or just write a book for yourself.

You are unique as is your story, the ways of helping are there for all for me journaling with my spreadsheet certainly keeps me focused on what is and isn’t needed, what does and doesn’t work and show me the doors of opportunity allowing me the confidence to knock and step through when opened.

I can, in all honesty, say that I wouldn’t want to keep a diary or that journal like my friends however the freedom that that spreadsheet gives is priceless giving me a sense of focus, worth, and of course, confidence.

I am sure that you can build that spreadsheet, purchase the book to journal or that ready-printed diary all in all this is the cheapest form of therapy – if it is not for you do remember that not all things work for us all!

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