What is the Law of Attraction?

Within each of us there is a magnet with the power to attract all that we need to overcome the various obstacles that we meet upon our personal journey 

That magnet within me enabled and empowered me to overcome many obstacles before I actually accepted what was happening! 

The beginning of my journey 

My journey began in the Royal United Hospital, Bath, Somerset in the UK. Apparently, when I was born on St Swithins day back in 1954, my mother was said to have said: “Well, they say it will rain for 40 days and 40 nights. I somehow to think it will rain for the rest of my life!” How right she was in uttering those words!  My mother and I left the hospital ten days after my birth and returned to a bedsit that was our home, my father in the RAF as in those days there was a commitment for men to do their National Services. 

Fast forward fifty years 

This is where my awakening began and I learned about the law of attraction and how what we think/ask for is able to manifest with love, trust and faith. Love of oneself is an essential ingredient, not in an egotistic way more accepting who we are, our roots, and then loving ourselves enough to step out of our comfort zone and embrace the changes needed!  Trust in our ‘gut,’ our intuition is the universe’s way of guiding us and giving the answer to our thoughts/prayers! Faith in the universe hearing our thoughts/prayers is the final ingredient in manifesting things that we would say is beyond our wildest dreams. 

Continuing my journey 

My mother and I continued to live in the bedsit and enjoyed our time together, we didn’t have a lot of money, and it seemed that that didn’t matter as we would spend time each day playing in the park nearby or window shopping in the town.  When I was three years old, my father returned to live with us, and we remained in that single room with our days unchanged apart from now, my mother would cook my father an evening meal which curtailed the amount of time we could play and shop these surely were happy times!  I dare say that my parents used to wish for a bigger flat and their prayers were answered just around my fifth birthday when we moved to a one-bedroom flat situated in the middle of the park where my mother and I had played only now I went to school and this was when the next phase of my journey started! 

Phase two of my journey 

I settled at school very well, and when I was in my second year, I was awarded a working book as a reward for being a star pupil. Of course, my parents were pleased with this, yet this is when my lessons truly began as my father, in his wisdom, started moving my goal posts expecting me to do more than the goal that he would set to aid me to reach my full potential. This had the opposite effect as I grew older as in doing so, he made me feel worthless and not loved by him as I knew my mother loved me! At eleven, I took my eleven plus exam, and my father must have felt disappointed as I failed it and went on to a secondary modern school; I was though always in the A stream! 
I reached the highs and lows whilst at this school has been the first pupil to have a discredit in year one for not doing the homework set at home, preferring to do it on the school bus, and passing my typing exam with credit. I left the school at the age of sixteen, having found work in a shoe factory after my parents had talked me out of joining the Women’s Royal Navy.  I still didn’t realize the effect my father’s goal moving had on me, and I moved from the shoe factory to a merchant bank just before my eighteenth birthday! I turned eighteen the year that the age of consent changed from twenty-one to eighteen! Just after my eighteen birthday, my father set a new goal post, and that was if I was going to meet my boyfriend (who was 9 years older than myself), I needn’t come home. I didn’t go home, and a couple of months later, I married the said boyfriend. 

Life after marriage

This marriage lasted just one year, although the law dictated that we stayed married for three – my father was thrilled as although he had caused me to take the first steps with his goal of not returning home, he disapproved of the marriage. After it broke down, I returned home only now; it didn’t feel like home as to my parents. I was still a child even though I had been a married woman. After my divorce was completed, I met someone on a blind date; neither of us was happy with where we were living and married to escape, a marriage of convenience, so to speak.  About eighteen months after this marriage, a met my previous husband, the love of my life, and we began to make plans to get back together. This, however, was not meant to be for before we could move in together, he drowned. I had lost the chance to find that love that I so yearned for, and I decided to stay with my husband and have a baby. This, of course, was over forty years ago, and hindsight is a wonderful science, and it was about twelve years ago that I finally realized that the Law of Attraction had been at work throughout this journey. 

Marriage number three 

Even though I had my child, my second marriage ended in divorce after many turbulent years, and I stopped looking for love; however, it found me when I met my husband of thirty plus years. Marrying him turned my year completely upside down, for now, I no longer had to dodge a fist, nor did I have to jump through hoops trying to please my father, yet this is when the depression that had been triggered back when I was three years old truly took hold. What has this got to do with the Law of Attraction, you may well be asking – well, the one thing I had wanted to be was a teacher; the other was to be loved and respected. A year after my marriage, I had a second baby and was diagnosed for the second time with depression; the first was when the focus of my life in my second marriage went to school. Of course, I was given help and went to a wonderful counselor who told me that my father was a bully, which I couldn’t accept. My eldest child had to go to a special school due to behavior problems, and it was prudent for me to see a counselor as the school was convinced that my son’s issues were actually mine. This counselor opened all the boxes that the first counselor had firmly closed and a fellow mother at the school gates advised me to stop seeing them, for I had begun to threaten to drive off the Severn Suspension Bridge, which was just a few miles from where I lived. I took the advice and was now back to square one, unable to seek help through trust issues. The one thing that stuck was that this second counselor also mentioned that my father was a bully. Approximately eighteen years ago, when my daughter was thirteen, she and I moved to Wales, leaving my son and husband in Bristol, my son by then had left home, and my husband’s work kept him there, and he would join us at weekends.  A colleague invited me to join her at a spiritualist church where I met a medium who, through meditation and training, first enabled me to overcome a fear of cats and then find that I didn’t like myself. 

The Law of Attraction at work   

The medium with whom I was sitting took our class/circle to an academy where mediums were mentored and worked upon the platform to see how to work ethically. This turned out to be the ‘magical’ place I needed as a self-awareness course was advertised, and I promptly applied to attend it. This, of course, was a self-counseling course, and again, I found that my father was a bully. I also found that to change. I needed to accept responsibility for all those things that I once asked why me, why am I having these experiences.  The time was right now for me to face the music, so to speak, accept that whilst my father was a bully, I was allowing him to continue to bully me. I had allowed my second husband’s abuse and didn’t accept previous employers’ compliments who had said that they didn’t wish to let me go. The time was also right for me to learn to read the Tarot cards, start organizing Wellbeing/Holistic/Craft Events, and qualify as an NLP practitioner and coach and a Kinetic Shift Practitioner. Although I hadn’t appreciated that the Law of Attraction delivered my husband, gave me the confidence to read the cards, etc., and every day allows me to manifest my dreams. You will recall I mentioned love, trust, and faith. I practice this every day as I love myself now as much as I did as that small child at home with mum, I listen to my intuition, and I have complete faith that the universe will deliver everything I need, although not always what I want or does it? For you see, the biggest lesson I had to learn was to let go when my son walked away from us and pursued his own path, a little like I had when I didn’t go home, when my lesson was learned though not only did, he return he brought his partner, son. He then added to the mix a daughter who was born earlier this year. 


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