What is the best type of meditation for anxiety

Do you want my secret to combat anxiety?

My anxiety didn’t become an issue until menopause, the tightness in my chest or flutter in my belly only increased because I wasn’t addressing the source. Once I implemented a daily meditation practice, my anxiety became much more manageable.

Types of meditation practices

There are a ton of different meditation practices to consider. Everything from yoga, tai chi, guided meditations, breathwork. The best way to begin is to dabble in a little of everything until you find the right one for you. For myself, I use a little of everything throughout the day to combat my anxiety and heal my parasympathetic system that’s associated with my PTSD. 

  • Yoga: I am new to this world but have fallen in love with learning to let be vulnerable, and allow my body to just rest in a poise. Yoga’s slow form of release is a fantastic way to release tension and stress from our bodies. 
  • Tai Chi: Another new one for me and I love it also! Tai Chi has slow fluid like movements that have helped my PTSD moments when I need to pull my body out of fight-or-flight mode. There are classes, and well I YouTube a lot of this and do it midday to decompress my central nervous system.
  • Guided Meditations: Angie Bober, our She Is You spiritual guru, has some awesome guided meditations. Here’s one on the heart chakra. Guides are excellent for those that are new to meditation, as well as imagery tapping into our subconscious mind to release. 
  • Breath Work: This has been the most important tool in my kit to combat anxiety and pull my body back into the present time when I am feeling a trigger. Breath work looks like this: Inhale through your nose and count 1,2,3,4 hold for a moment and exhale through your mouth and count 1,2,3,4,5 and repeat. Breathwork for anxiety and repairing your parasympathetic system works. 

What is the best type of meditation for anxiety?

What’s in my meditation tool kit?

So let’s dig into my bag of goodies and see what I do and recommend to my clients. 

  • Create a space that is yours and only yours. Yes, it may not be a gold gilded shrine, but a corner in your bedroom is all you need. 
  • I love crystals: I have a variety of actual stones I surround myself with throughout my home and in my meditation space. 
  • Color: I am a peaceful white, soft pink gal. You decorate with what would make you feel safe and at peace. 
  • Candles: Yes, I always have a beautiful fragrant white candle in my meditation space. My new favorite one is from Scripted Fragrance called Clarity. This candle has the softest blend of florals and warm, rich oils that brings peace to any room. 

Mastering the art of meditation

Go easy on yourself. The reason for introducing this practice is to bring peace and awareness into your mind and body. Your mind will flutter with thoughts. It’s ok we are human, especially today we are very easily distracted. Just learn to bring your awareness back to your breath. I recommend daily as my clients would share, I stand firm on introducing this healing practice. Starting a daily ritual,  a few minutes make it part of your morning routine or afternoon break. Once you begin to do this, your awareness will open up, and you will be able to tap into this skill regardless of where you are if a moment should arise.

Best of luck,


Felicity Nicole

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