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What is National Girlfriends Day?

Do you celebrate the gal pals in your life?

One thing is certain, my girl friend circle maybe small, but I cherish every single one of them. Our girlfriend relationships are more than a wild Saturday Night. These days they are centered around growth, love and unity. Raise your glass and celebrate the sisters that have your back!

There are random national “holidays” that pop up nearly every day in the United States. Many of them are relative to various foods and beverages. For instance, National Margarita Day is February 22 and National Donut Day is the first Friday of June. 

These are days that highlight delicious fried dough and refreshing boozy beverages, but what about the national days that celebrate our friendships? Well, it turns out that National Girlfriends Day is most definitely existent. 

National Girlfriends Day is August 1 every year in the United States. It is a day to honor our close friends who are like sisters and reminisce on all the shared memories. Whether you’ve been friends since childhood or just for a few years, it celebrates the special bond that is friendship. 

Regarding the history of National Girlfriends Day, it is not exactly clear who founded it. Some say that the earliest formal announcement of the holiday was created by mother and daughter author duo Kathleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield in 2002. 

September 20 was chosen as the commemorative date in honor of the release of their book Girlfriends Getaway. 

However, National Girlfriends Day is celebrated on August 1 each year due to the belief that Mistress Susan, who runs a luxury website, created the holiday in 2003. 

Regardless of when it was created, and whom it was created by, National Girlfriends Day is definitely worth celebrating. 

Some women may have girlfriends from different walks of life, whether it be from high school or college, from work, or even from childhood. I can confirm that I have girlfriends from all three of these scenarios.

No matter how long we have known each other, our groups of girlfriends are a very special bunch. They are the ones we can vent to about anything and are always there to listen. They are always willing to build you up, but not afraid to tell you like it is when need be.

They are the ones with whom we share endless wine and cheese nights, reality TV show marathons, gossiping sessions, and sometimes even our own clothes. 

So, this year on National Girlfriend’s Day, call up your gal pals and plan a get-together. Go to a winery, go for lunch, explore a new part of your city, or have a girls’ night in. No matter how you choose to celebrate, getting to spend quality time together is what matters most.

And don’t forget to pick up the phone and call or text some of your girlfriends who you haven’t seen or talked to in a while and let them know you’re thinking of them. Small gestures like that are always very much appreciated!

National Girlfriends Day celebrates the unbreakable bond that is shared with some very important women in our lives. While it is always possible to show appreciation for friendships year-round, having a day dedicated to our girlfriends just makes it feel a little extra special. 

How are you planning to celebrate National Girlfriends Day in 2021? 

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