What is intuition, and why should we trust it

It starts with that uneasy feeling in our stomach, maybe a hunch to do something. Our intuition is meant to guide us if tapped into properly.

It starts at birth

From the day that we are born, our parents teach us how to interact with the material world! Is not our journey more than a material world, though? Is it not mind, body and soul? At the age of 4 or 5, we are often sent off to Kindergarten or Playschool and again are taught skills to fit into the material world, taking away our uniqueness! These lessons are taught all the way through our school life, and unless it is a domestic science subject, woodwork, or metalwork, how does it actually prepare us for the material world and life?


Not having attended either, I can only speculate what happens, although my daughter did go to college, and in her words, “they actually treat us as adults”!

Many trades that were once hands-on are now being taught in these establishments, so again preparation for the material world! What is this material world I keep mentioning? Well, it is that place where money rules and man women and child needs to blend in! When in truth, we are all unique and are like pieces of a jigsaw; when placed together, make a wonderful picture of what the world truly is! Look at nature; where do you see the flowers fitting in? They aren’t competing either, and what a lovely picture they paint!

It should be the same for us, and no matter what color our skin tone, what our mother tongue is, we should be tolerant of each other! Treating one another with kindness and respect! For without any one of us, that jigsaw I spoke of earlier will not be complete! And is it not said together we stand and divided we fall! Hold out your hand to another and let the power within each of us create that world that we can be proud of, where everyone contributes to the power that rebuilds that which is knocked down. Voices need not be raised in anger; guns fired or knifed used for every man, woman and child will be encouraged to express their view without fear of judgment. After all, we who judge those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!

Trust your intuition

The divine guidance that our intuition gives is not written in any book, yet it can give us the question to ask, and before another has given it, the answer will be given too!

That intuition is often quietened as we listen to the voice within our head that limits belief that another has taught us or tries to follow our heart as we give it to another only to receive it back in pieces! Is it not time to trust your intuition before it is too late! To allow it to guide you to make you rethink and learn to love yourself before giving another your heart! We truly are mind, body, and soul, and our university is a life where we can learn those lessons needed to protect each element and, in doing so, make the material world a far better place!

How can we encourage our children to trust their intuition

  1. Ask them questions that will help them understand their feelings.

  1. Don’t just ask them the questions. Listen to the way they answer.

  1. Talk to them about emotions, ask them what color their feeling would be, whereabouts they can feel it in their body!

  1. Value their thoughts and input!
    Remember what my daughter said when she went to college ‘they treat us like adults’

  1. Let them talk! Not to space but listen to what they have to say 

  1. Be a Model!

Show them right from wrong in the way you conduct your life. Don’t tell them no, and then do it yourself! Explain why it is no it might be an age barrier or similar.


As a grandmother myself, I often shake my head when I see my son and partner allow my grandson to express himself. Then I stop and listen and smile for they are doing what I now advise allowing him expression, explaining why they are saying no, and my heart sings with pride as I know I failed to do this when my two were growing up having listened to the older generation on what I should be doing. Now it’s time for the generations to listen to each other – don’t you think!


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