What Is Biohacking?

Are you familiar with Biohacking and what it can do for our overall health and wellbeing?

Biohacking has been a part of the silicone valley tech world for a while now. The benefits of longevity, clearing out old cells, and the mental clarity has proven to those biohacking communities that this is something that more people need to consider.

The secret behind a long life has been a hot discussion in the scientific community for a long time now. Due to the rapid advancements in technology, it is believed that the future human generations may enjoy their old age life without the looming spectra of sensory decline or disease.

How? We believe that we can find the answer to this by getting to know about “Biohacking.”

What Is Biohacking?

Also known as DIY biology, biohacking happens to be an extensive term covering a vast range of activities. These activities consist of various science experiments that may help track your sleep and diet and bring a change in your biology by pumping a younger person’s blood into your veins in hopes that it would fight aging.

The answer to the question “what is biohacking” would differ from person to person as the term encompasses a dizzying range of pursuits. However, if viewed from a simplified perspective, it can be defined as an attempt to manipulate the body or brain of someone for the optimization of performance without the use of traditional medicine.

Let’s dig deeper into the different categories and subcategories of biohacking.


Self-tracking comprises of lifelogging and quantified self.

1. Quantified Self

Quantified self means measuring, monitoring, and analysis of several aspects of your life. Listed down below are some of the examples of the quantified self.

  • Activity trackers that measure whether you’re getting the recommended exercise in a day or not.
  • Apps that you can use to keep track of what you’re drinking or eating.
  • Sensors that can monitor your sleep activity.

2. Lifelogging and Streaming

Lifelogging refers to the documentation of several aspects of your life, whereas streaming means continuously sharing aspects of your life in real-time. 

Performance Improvement

Performance improvement comprises of the application of biohacking in the body, mind, and consciousness of an individual.

1.  Body Hacking

Body hacking refers to the enhancement of the health, body, or physical performance of an individual. It includes training and exercise, but it also comprises a healthy diet and lifestyle.

2.  Consciousness Hacking

Consciousness hacking refers to the use of technology for spiritual growth.

3.  Mind Hacking

Mind hacking refers to the ways for the enhancement of cognitive performance. Basically, these are the strategies and the techniques for the improvement of the speed of the brain and its memory and enhancing creativity.

Biohackers utilize several technological gadgets such as infrared light and saunas for biohacking. In addition to that, “nootropics,” also known as brain pills, are used for temporarily improving focus, cognition, and memory.

Human Enhancement

Human enhancement tends to cater to three different sub-categories that include Transhumanism, Human Augmentation, and Biotechnology.

1.  Transhumanism

Transhumanism refers to a philosophical school of thought which aims to break the barriers that have been set in place by nature. Enhancement of the human age and skills are some of these barriers.

2.  Human Augmentation

Human Augmentation refers to the addition of elements to the human body. An example of human augmentation is the addition of electronics.

3.  Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a vast field of study which refers to finding techniques to leverage biology for practical purposes.

In biotechnology, genetic modification refers to the modification of the RNA and DNA of living organisms. Moreover, epigenetics in biotechnology refers to the study of how genes have an influence on the development of an organism.

Why Do People Consider Biohacking?

To see how far we can push the human body and experience the desire to feel better, biohacking comes down to something we can all relate to.

While some individuals don’t want to feel sick anymore, others want to become strong and smart for as long as possible. In simpler terms, these people want to extend their lifespan.

The goals of biohacking have a way of escalating, and once anyone gets to know about the hacks that can be used to go from sick to healthy, or healthy to enhanced, it would be a natural thought to think why we should stop there and why not shoot for the peak performance?

What begins as a simple wish to free yourself from any sort of pain can transform into the use of steroids for self-improvement.

There is no doubt in admitting that biohacking would provide an unmistakable sense of convenience. However, to some individuals, it may also give a sense of control over an uncertain future.

It may be an expensive lifestyle, but for many people, it becomes more of a priority as people get older.

Is Biohacking Safe?

Several practices in biohacking, such as the consumption of certain supplements and making a healthy diet and routine, are considered to be generally safe. On the flip side, some of the practices in biohacking, such as body modifications and transformations, may not be safe.

It is highly recommended by many that you consult a doctor before you decide to make any sorts of adjustments to your health or diet. Blindly following wellness trends without knowing the outcomes may have drastic effects in the long run.

Biohacking can be performed safely at home by various techniques such as optimizing your sleep, reducing screen time, and limiting blue light exposure by using gadgets, etc. Other than that, yoga and light to mild exercise at your home may also help you in many different ways.

In addition to all of that, the results of numerous researches show that walking barefooted outdoors may also play a significant role in the improvement of your mood.

Future Expectations

It is believed by many that in the coming years, the term ‘biohacking’ would become more and more popular. In addition to an increase in the popularity of the term, there will also be broadening of the term in several ways hence, bringing an era with modern technological advancements.

In addition to the enhancement of the human body, it may also be a way to develop a strong connection with nature. Moreover, it is also expected to raise even more cultural, social, philosophical, sociological, and economic questions as compared to now.

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