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What are the four elements and how can we work with them?

Are you familiar with the four earth elements?

The earth elements influence who we are and how we react to situations. They keep us rooted and strong, conjuring balance into our life. Tapping into this creative energy can restore our bodies and minds.

Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

We are all familiar with these elements yet take them for granted when in fact they influence who we

are and how we react to situations!

Earth – the name given to our planet for here we live in the material world the world of matter!

We often refer to Mother Earth for the earth provides us with all our needs as we grow crops, fruit and vegetable to feed us and all that inhabits here.

We can also use the minerals of the earth to warm us these though are material elements today I want to talk about the spiritual ones!

Like a mother soothes a fractious child the earth can calm our minds, gladden our hearts and most of all ground us!

By just standing on the ground (preferably with bare feet) we can draw upon the energy of this planet that gives so much to us. We experience the same feeling in hugging a tree as hugging our mother.

Earth is influenced by Saturn, The Moon and Mars and is the element for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

It has a heavy energy, can appear to be cold and dry and that is why we can ground ourselves by imagining a root coming from our tailbone down into the surface of the earth burying itself deep into the crust down to the very core of the earth!

Air – we take our oxygen from here yet rarely do so consciously.
We feel the air on our cheeks yet we never see it only when it whips up into a wind and then we see the grasses and trees flex to bend with it!

Again, this element is influenced by Saturn but it is also influenced by Mercury and Jupiter too!

This is the element for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

The energy of this is light, hot and wet!

Water – We ourselves are 45% to 75% water depending on our age etc so a very important element to all however it is connected to Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and is influenced by Jupiter, Mars and the Moon.

Its energies are said to be cold, wet and soft.

Fire – of course, we can warm ourselves by the fire, we can cook food upon it and we can burn rubbish there as an element it is influenced by the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn and the star signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Its energies are said to be hot dry and ardent.

I myself am a Cancerian so therefore am influenced by the water elements as is my father and was my sister. My mother comes under the fire sign and my brother is air.

This does answer a lot of my questions as to why we did or didn’t get on!

On marrying the elements of my own family became water, fire, earth and fire

And my son who has now married has a family of earth, fire, air and earth

Have you ever thought of the elements that cover the signs in your family?

The seasons are also influenced by these elements and aren’t what you would necessarily think for Winter is influenced by Water, Spring by Air, Summer by Fire and Autumn by Earth.

As with the seasons influencing the growth of the crops etc the elements influence our growth our temperament and allow us to find ways of working in harmony.

Whilst these elements are what control our emotions there are of course influences from all within us and we may at one time be completely in sync with what our element says whilst in sync with another depending on the situation and the influences absorb from others.

When we look at nature we can see that to keep a balance all of these influences are required for the air cools the fire of the sun, the rain washes away any debris and waters the plants whilst the heat from the sun germinates the seeds and of course the earth is the foundation for them all!

In just the same way mankind can learn to live in harmony by honouring the elements found in each person/community instead of standing in judgement learn to work together, after all, there is enough sustenance for all!

As a spiritual being, we need to connect with all of the elements, not just those that our star sign dictates for we all need to have that firm foundation somewhere we can go for sustenance and love, we need to be able to flex with the wind (air) as the plants do, we need water to replenish our bodies and fire to express ourselves by for fire needn’t be angry it can be a passion for doing and we are all worthy of these things and each can be found within as well as without our body.
The problem is we focus on being the label rather than what is within!

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