Tips Successful Women USE to Organize Their Calendar

Do you want to know how successful women organize their calendars?

I live for my Google calendar, it’s cloud-based storage efficiency allows you to pull up on any electronic device. As a business woman and entrepreneur, I have found many tips and tricks to keeping my weeks running smooth.

I don’t know about all of you but personally … I live and breathe by my calendar. I know there are many options to organize your daily, weekly and monthly life. One option might work better for one person for whatever reason and not so well for someone else.  You may be an old fashioned pocket calendar person and you can never go wrong with that. Paper pocket calendars, never let you down in the world of technology. Personally, I love my “Google Calendar”. Gmail acts as your own personal cloud storage and you can pull it up anywhere at any time from your cell phone, laptop or I pad from just about anywhere in the world.

Successful women don’t only need to organize themselves and their careers they more than likely are in charge of organizing their family and the multiple events each family member might have. A family Gmail account might work quite well in keeping everyone on the same page with family events. The “meeting request” feature, for example, could include a meeting “Johnny has baseball practice every Wednesday at 6pm”. The calendar would also have the option of repeating events “weekly” at the same time, etc. You would then be able to invite other guests to attend assuming they are also using an electronic calendar. I also love the fact that you can add a location and Google will then connect you directly to Google Maps for the directions.

Maybe a home “Command Center” might work better for your family. The command center is usually located in the kitchen if space allows and is a great place to keep your family informed as to what everyone is doing or needs to do.

To stay on top of my busy life.

  1. Review your upcoming week. It’s great to have a picture in your mind of what is coming up in the week ahead.
  2. Be sure to review your next day the night before.
  3. Print out your daily calendar if you have an extremely busy day. Having a paper reference has saved me many days when some things just seem to slip my mind. A paper copy also is a great check list and can be helpful to add notes and other reminders next to each task or appointment if necessary.
  4. Confirm appointments: I like to confirm almost all my appointments at least a day or two ahead of schedule. This gives people a day or two to respond to either your text or call. If and when schedules change, this gives both parties time to adjust their schedules accordingly.
  5. Calendar color coding: I had the opportunity to attend a class hosted by The West Suburban Chamber of Commerce called “The Art of Color Coding Your Calendar and Your Week at a Glance”. This class helped me tremendously with my personal and professional calendar.

To color code your calendar you will need to assign a color to different events on your calendar, these events or event types usually repeat weekly. My calendar is color coded like this:

  • Green (Jobs) Green is the color of money, so at a glance, I can see what part of my day/week is spent earning a living.
  • Red (Workout) Red is my workout classes. My life revolves around Bootcamp. Every day at 9am except on Tuesday’s when I have a (Green) standing work obligation.
  • Purple (All Day Events) Also events that will more than likely repeat such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  • Blue (Fun Times with Friends) Dinner with friends, vacation days, and time out days or as lovingly refer to them as “Holly Days”. These days are needed by all to keep us well balanced and grateful for the busy lives we have been given.

Keep yourself organized and be sure to make time for yourself and those you love. Spending time with those you love are equally as important as all the other obligations in our life.

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Holly Lake
Professional Organizer , Holly On The Spot
Holly Lake founder of Holly on the Spot specializes in assisting clients with organizing their homes and offices in a very large or small way. Closets, pantry’s and basements are only part of her specialty. When planning for a move Holly and her team can assist with packing or unpacking and helping clients make the most of their space in their new or existing home. She will even assist in selling items that no longer work for you or your current space or lifestyle. Holly on the Spot allows their clients to stay focused on careers and families, while keeping them organized and assisting with daily tasks. She helps her clients stay organized which helps reduce stress in life. Personal errand services are also available. Holly takes pride in building a personal and professional relationship with her clients. The nature of the work is often very personal, so Holly’s professional and focused approach is important to her discerning clientele. She has become a trusted friend to many of her clients. She takes great pride in offering a personalized service. Holly Lake founder of Holly on the Spot is passionate about helping others. She spent the first 22 years of her career at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. She is also a licensed cosmetologist, specializing in fashion consulting, hair and nails. Holly helps her clients remove clutter and organize their life. Holly and her team are truly a full-service company, no job is too big or small.
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