The Power of Imagination

Do you know the power in imagination?

Imagination is something we take for granted as children with our imaginary friends and games as adults though we seem to ignore it thinking it is something for childhood games!

Authors of course use their imagination when writing their fictional books again though it isn’t truly acknowledged.

As a child, I can remember having an ‘imaginary’ friend although now I do wonder if it was the older brother of my now-husband coming to play.

I also used to see pictures in the clouds, curtains and within the pattern of the carpets which I was told was my imagination.

Was it or was it the first signs of my psychic and spiritual gifts?

For my imagination plays a big part in both my card readings and my Kinetic Shift therapy.

With the tarot, it is my imagination that weaves the story from what I see on the cards and what I feel within my ‘gut’, my intuition.

The client when experiencing a Kinetic Shift therapy has to use their imagination to enable their mindset to change.

It’s our imagination that gives life to our dreams for first we dream it then we allow our imagination to work its magic with the Law of Attraction and manifest them to reality.

Our mind cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination either and this I have proven several times when asking my audience to imagine that in front of them a bar of their favourite chocolate and then to take a square and pop in their mouth then to imagine it melting on their tongue but their not to eat it just yet, just to savour the smell and the taste as it melts and then I ask them to start to eat it – of course, they do for their mind thinks that that square of chocolate was real.

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, those words though are different for everyone who looks at the picture for their imagination will tell them what they believe they see.

It does make you wonder if the day we are experiencing is real or imagined, for is not life a picture that we see day by day?

Imagination is the trigger to our mindset enabling us to choose to be happy, sad or peaceful.

It enables us to recall things that we experienced along our journey this, however, can be embellished for it will allow us to add or subtract so that as we recall it is distorted and not really what happened at all.

Louis Armstrong sang about a Wonderful World and if we all started to picture (imagine) the world of which he sang then changes would begin for we’d see friends shaking hands and the hands of their enemies too for is that man, woman or child our enemy or is it just something we’ve imagined from what we have read or heard in the media?

Not only will our enemies become friends as they too imagine what we are imagining we will see a colourful world, not one that is black and white with a hint of grey the colour of people’s skin, but their religions and cultures will also begin to add up and make sense as we will see beyond the service to the wonderful beings within.

Our imagination allows us to connect with the Higher Self and beyond to the source, the universe, even to God himself.

We look at our children and imagine them grown and then often wonder why they actually grow into a different kind of role than we had imagined.

We make vision boards to create our future, or even if we don’t make a physical board, we will dream about what we desire and know that if we focus upon this in time, it will manifest.

Our imagination can and often does give us the opportunity to lose ourselves in our own world away from the vigors of the actual day it can also help to heal both physically and emotionally when we allow it to come into play,

Imagination can serve us well, or it can make mountains out of molehills, yet as I originally said, it is either ignored or taken for granted as we grow, not allowing us the freedom or does it as it did when we were a child.

We can close our eyes and smell and see our lost loved ones or imagine our partners having an affair with another for something they say.
Our imagination is a power all of its own we can harness it and allow ourselves to dream and manifest that future we want. The one thing we need to remember, though, is that if we choose to harness it to picture what we do not want, the outcome will be the same for the Law of Attraction only hears what we say, not whether we want or don’t want it to come into play.

Let your words paint the picture for the world you would have and let the words of Louis Armstrong’s sang be the world that we leave to the following generations you know what is needed and what you want!

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