The midlife awakening: Recognizing our spiritual gifts

Healers, and story tellers that haven’t yet reached midlife it is often when we reach a certain age that these gifts surface!

When your world feels like it’s crumbling apart, be still my lovely, for it’s the call of the divine awakening

Our spiritual gifts

The kids have grown, we’ve time to think and to be it could be that we are now the barrier between life and death that triggers these thoughts of spirituality and the gifts that we have within our very soul! We are human beings being human after all and once we have that time to spend thinking and meditating we uncover those traits that we have ignored as we were busy doing other things! Lessons have been learned and we have time now to think about them to put into practice that which we learned – did we not once say I never want to be like my mum and yet at this time we can often hear her words as we utter our own? Our spiritual gifts are often thought to be a habit/rituals handed down from generation to generation! I feel that each of us are given tools and skills that enable and empower us to overcome the boulders that life puts before us and yet often we take them for granted. For is life not like that bedroom set aside at a party to house the coats, soon the bed is unrecognisable! Do we not become unrecognizable as life disguises us to fit in to be one of the crowd until we reach that age when our being says ENOUGH!

Our spiritual gifts are handed down from generations

The familiar begins to feel uncomfortable 

We then start to question what has been, what is and what we want! We take time to analyse yourself, we take up yoga or something that we feel will reconnect us to the child we once were. I know that I found that the image looking back at me each day was a stranger. I didn’t recognise her and asked those questions mentioned earlier! It was then that I noticed not only was I questioning my life my friends were questioning theirs too and many of us were learning skills that would help us answer those questions. When we reach that menopausal age it is not the end of it is the beginning of a time when we throw caution to the wind, don’t care what others think or say about us.  

The day will have dawned when we appreciate all that life has shown us and take those lessons learned and use them to enable and empower those that follow us just as our mothers did for us even though we now find that instead of saying that I never want to be like my mum we find ourselves uttering the very same words! The spiritual gifts that we were born with and got hidden by those ‘coats’ are surfacing allowing us to become the ‘wise’ woman that others turn to! The gifts are unique to each of us and yet one can see why we could think it is a habit/trait handed down from generation to generation. As those previous generations we will now try and educate those that follow, maybe they will listen or maybe they won’t, however we still need to listen to them for learning is a two way street and we can still learn much from the next generation. For we have to heal the wounds we’ve gained before we can heal another and what better way than spending time with those we love – our children no matter what their age. 

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