Ten ways to combat winter boredom

 My 10 ways to combat winter boredom

Coming from the Midwest our winters can be long ,dull and sunless as the sun can disappear for days on end. Combatting these dull days can be uplifting for your spirit and mood.  Afterall, taking a stroll with fresh snow on the ground and trees is a sight to see! 

Everyone has had their fair share of picnics, BBQ parties and road trips to beautiful sunny locations. However, with winter’s gloomy days dawning on us, everyone is thinking of one question: what now?! People have done it all, and there are no more fun activities to do. We’re sure that many of you have your minds worked up about finding things to do with the doom and gloom of winters. But don’t worry, we have got you covered! We made a list of all the fun things you can do as winter gloom gets nearer.

Below is a list of our top 10 picks of fascinating and safe things you can do this winter. There are many advantages that you can get with these activities such as the following: 

  • ­This will be an excellent way to have some bonding time with your families and friends and enhance your social skills.
  • Benefit from the positive impact physical activities can have on your mental health.
  • See different beautiful places, which we all love to do
  • Work our minds to perfect our problem-solving skills.

1. Go for a stroll

Going for a walk during winter is probably the last thing that comes to people’s minds. So many people are out and about jogging away on the tracks in -20 weather; you would probably think that it’s something you will never do. But this can be very beneficial. During winters, we spend most of our time tucked away in our cozy blankets. So, going for a short ten-minute walk can be an excellent way to enjoy some fresh air. This is also a brilliant way to get some sun and fully take in the few hours of warm sunny weather on the cold days. Try to go out during the morning or lunch and make it a habit. Unfortunately, many of the working people have to miss out on the fantastic bright weather.

If you can’t go outside for a walk for any particular reason, an alternative can be sitting next to a window for an hour or two. Then, keep it open so your room can get some fresh air for a change.

2. Make the most of the sunlight

As we talked about earlier, there is hardly any time to soak in the sun during the winter months. This suggestion especially applies to those who work from home during the daytime. It will blow your mind if you know how positively sunlight can affect your mental health. Therefore, it is essential to go outside and absorb as much sunlight as possible in these winter months.

A helpful tip for all of you would be to plan your days according to the daytime when it’s nice and sunny outside. For example, run errands, go to parks, or walk your dog during the daytime. But if you’re staying at home, you should keep the curtains and windows open and plan outdoor activities during the daytime.

3. Enjoy hot chocolate as an adult… and other kid things!

Put a pause on your go-to coffee or tea and enlighten yourself with a delicious hot chocolate: do it right, add marshmallows and anything you desire. These cold and frosty nights are the perfect time to introduce your taste buds to new warm and cozy beverages.

People think kids can only enjoy hot chocolates, but this is no excuse for adults to miss out on the delicious and cozy feeling it gives. Adults can also enjoy building forts, making slime, or having an indoor scavenger hunt.

4. Explore your city (or wherever you live)

Many people are aware of this already, but winter is probably the best time to spend more time in your backyard; the main reason is that you can’t go anywhere else. But don’t worry, it’s not all bad! There are so many places you can give a little visit to that are near to your place!

Try to steer away from your everyday and main recreational spots and look for something fun and new. The main reason being that it will probably be jam-packed with people who are also out to find fun things to do in winter. Go to a nice little park and have a stroll or visit any other scenic areas near your place. Check your maps, look for the most attractive place, and find out what it’s all about. Google reviews are beneficial when choosing a place to go to. But in all of this, ensure your safety first, and don’t get too crazy with it!

5. Play board games

This suggestion won’t come off as a surprise as many people would’ve told you this before. But here’s why it’s fun. Can you name all the fun and exciting board games out there? Creating an attention-grabbing board can be pretty tough, but when it’s done right, it might be the only thing you need to keep yourself entertained during the winters. There are thousands of new board games for you to try out, with varying difficulty levels, multiplayer, exciting themes, etc. Everybody has their favorite board game, and this is the perfect time of the year to start playing!

6. Host a virtual cook-off

You have to agree that we all have had the dream of owning the most luxurious cook-off kitchen, but since everything has gone virtual, here’s what we can do. Choose a yummy recipe, split into teams (do it with your families, couples, roommates, etc.), everyone will be given the necessary ingredients (you can’t forget the wine!), and you’re all set to have the ultimate virtual cook-off! This activity can lead to a friendly competition and (hopefully) a delicious meal and a chance to have a good time with your friends. So, let the games begin!

Yes, there might be a biased winner since you can’t taste each other’s food to judge it, but this everyone will be a winner, and no one feels bad!

7. Try a new sport

Maintaining physical activities can be challenging for many, but it is also the perfect time to explore other options. There are numerous winter activities and games that are worth trying, apart from mere skiing and snowboarding. Skating and snowshoeing are something that your family and friends will surely enjoy!

So many winter sports exist which people aren’t even aware of. For example, have you ever heard of a sport called snow scooter? Or skibobbing? Also, this is your sign to take out the sled and give it a ride finally!

8. DIY

Nowadays, you can find a DIY kit for anything you think of, from curating a customized bath bomb to jewelry to even hot sauce. Most of the time, stuff doesn’t require a kit, all that you need are a few things from a supply store, or you can find them lying around the house. DIYing stuff can be a lot of fun and can make the brains start working. However, if you are getting intimidated by the idea, try looking at it as a challenge instead. Regardless of the results, you should pat yourself on your back from trying something new and having fun while making it!

9. Experience arts & culture

One more idea to get the brains working is going to a museum or gallery available to you. There are so many all over the city, and not just in the major ones. A fun idea could be planning a day trip to a museum in a rural area with your friends or family. It is always a good idea to learn more about culture, and a museum is a perfect and fun way to do that. You never know you might learn something that will surprise you!

There are many other ways you can indulge in arts and culture: maybe give a visit to a local jazz or piano bar, an open mic club, karaoke with your friends; the possibilities are endless. The significant advantage you get from this is that you can do all of these activities at the ease of your homes, and you don’t have to go out in the cold, gloomy weather.

10. Expand your musical tastes

For many people music is like therapy, it gives our minds the fuel that it needs. Everybody has their taste and songs that are their go-to. But every once in a while, it can be a good idea to broaden your music preference and give other genres a chance. If you like hip-hop songs, then jazz or classical can be worth trying. If you are a county fan, then try some techno or electronic music.

Choose a few songs and make a new playlist, or listen to the premade ones on Spotify or Apple Music. This idea can be a good time pass while you’re doing your house chores or running errands. It can be a great way to add some color to your life. Maybe ask your friends or family to give a few suggestions and listen to songs they listen to the most, you might be surprised!

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