tapping into the full moon energy

Have you ever considered a full moon meditation?

Full moon rituals have been around for centuries. Calling on the moon energy to help release and let go of whatever burdens you may be holding onto. The next full moon consider preparing a sacred space just for you your thoughts and what you would like to release to the universe.

The moon doesn’t have its own light but it is illuminated by reflecting the light of the sun. Still, the moon’s power can be seen and also can be felt in many ways. Learning how to take into the moon phases can be a good practice. When the moon is new, then it is a time to set intentions. Since new moons always happen once a month and indicate the cycle beginning, you can think of them as a cosmic reset. The new moon is a perfect time to set goals that you will develop as the moon goes toward fullness. Connecting to these energies can give grounding and a sense of direction.

Then comes the full moon that is a time for culmination. It is the peak moment that we have been working toward when our intentions reach their apex. Should we go, or should we stay? Do we secure the rewards of our work? When the moon becomes visible on earth, we can see all clearly. Then, the waning moon phase starts. When the light starts to dwindle, we can release what is not working for us. Reflect on what you have made during the waxing phase and shed what does not feel right. As the moon will disappear, we can say goodbye to what is not serving our purpose.

The moon has a scientific sway on the ocean and moods. It is no wonder this body has marked the passage of time, and been worshipped and studied for thousands of years. Connecting yourself with the moon phases can bring awareness to other rhythms in the body, heart, mind, and spirit. The New Moon is taken as the start of the month and a good time to start projects almost in all faith traditions, in many cultures, the Full Moon is known for a time of celebration, delight, and mystery.

However, we define our spirituality, by tapping into the moon energy and can add beauty, mystery, and flow to our convictions. Below are some tips to include the Moon energy into your spiritual practices to bring more spirituality into your life.

Connect with Nature

Once you begin looking up, you will want to get outside more to get a nice view. Enjoy the fresh air and get perspective. Remember how small you are and how your significant life is linked to all others. Narrate the words to that lullaby that are, I see the moon, the moon sees me, and God bless the moon, God bless me.”

Honor Women

If you happen to be associated with Goddess energy for a long time, then the phases of the moon are reminders to show some gratitude and appreciation for the women in your life. Whether you recognize yourself as a woman, pay respects to your feminine side and to those who brought you up.

Practice Daily Charting

Track your mood, sleep, food, exercise, or anything you would like, and notice how these cycles connect with the phases of the moon. Use some tools or make your own daily tracker.

Take a New MoonRefresher Bath

Water-based rituals are a better way to work with moon energy, as the moon is associated with the water element. Relax in the tub with your favorite music playing. Light candles, fill the diffuser with essential oils and set a healing ambiance for the bath. Set the space for a new beginning when you refresh the mind, body, and spirit.

Create Sacred Space

Creating sacred space is a better way to invite moon energy into life. Oftentimes, when we make a physical environment, the needed energy readily pours into our lives. Clear a surface and set any intentions, lists, or images that recap you of what you are calling in with the new moon. Revisit this space as the moon waxes. It can be utilized as a meditation station, and you should use aromatherapy, light candles, crystals, and ground into the moon energy every morning. New moons can be a time to share sacred space with other people via a new moon circle ceremony.

Use the Moon as your Reminder to Set Intentions

Set the time to evaluate goals. Meditate or write your desires. The New Moon is a fortunate time to do this due to what seems to be the empty nature of the dark sky can be filled with your intentions.

Create a Ritual Connected to the Moon

Take moon bathing. Take a hike under the full moonlight. Set the crystals or altar items to clear their energy. Draw tarot cards. Write thoughts in your journal. Choose one moon phase to be a special time and get creative.

Spend Time with Naysayers

Use the new moon to set the tone for the upcoming weeks. It is a time to refresh and look to the future. If you have any relationships in your life that drain energy, you should avoid spending time with them when the moon is new. Surround yourself with people who make you energized and alive.


Meditation is the best tool for you. Take time during the new moon to quiet the mind and your energy with a practitioner of your choice. This lets you reconnect with the emotional body, particularly as an intuitive water sign. After that, you are welcome to journal what comes up for you. Make a list of things that feel authentic and what does not to give you an awareness of what to change.

Take a second if you need but ensure to look up into the sky once in a blue moon. Notice what is going on in your body, mind, and spirit and what phase of the moon it is. There is a lot that can be learned from paying attention to the satellite of the Earth.

What you should not do during the new moon

Get stuck in the past

The new moon is new, so stay in the present, move ahead to the future with optimism, and try not to get worried about the past. Let it go, let it flow.

Say no to new opportunities or experiences.

Pay distinct attention to new people or opportunities that the universe puts in your path while the moon is new. When the moon is full then it is a time to release all that is not helping or serving us, similarly when the moon is new, then it is a time to build and create new projects.

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