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Staying Spiritually Grounded in Uncertain Times

Being spiritually grounded consists of staying in the moment even when fear- based emotions are high (anger, sadness…). Easier said than done, I know. Sometimes, we are down a rabbit hole before we even realize we are heading there. It’s about recognizing the descent and bringing ourselves out of it. Bringing ourselves back can be especially difficult in uncertain times. The events of 2020 may definitely be described as “uncertain.” The year started off as any other, and then BAM! COVID hit and life will never be the same. These are the times when staying spiritually grounded is especially important.

One day early on in the pandemic, I went to Meijer’s. We were truly in need of toilet paper and a few other household essentials. I went knowing a lot of fear was going on, but I sure wasn’t prepared for the intense fear I walked into upon entering the store. Many people were wearing masks and gloves; their carts were overflowing with toilet paper, bottled water, and other “survival” items. It felt like walking into a Twilight Zone episode or a pirate movie where the ship is being attacked and blown up. I, the captain, was walking slowly and befuddled through the aisles, wondering what had just happened.

I slowly walked through the store picking up things still in stock. I could feel the fear creeping in, like everyone around me knew something I didn’t; and I should be fearful too. All the while, I knew that everything was going to be okay. Had it been a few years earlier, I would have been in full panic mode as well. The one item we were really in need of was toilet paper. We were down to our last roll. You know where I’m going with this, right? I got to that aisle and there was not one single roll to be found. The shelves were completely empty.

I must have just missed the rush because plenty of people were walking around with two or three big cases. I’m sure I muttered a few choice words as I was so taken aback that toilet paper was such a thing, but I finally found some tissues, which would have to suffice. As I rounded the end of the aisle, an employee was looking overwhelmed and exhausted, while standing by a display. A small, cardboard box was at her feet, As I passed her, I noticed that toilet paper was in it! I leaned over and quietly asked if I could have some.

She replied with a weary smile, “Take what you need. This is all that is left in the store.” I plucked out a four pack and left the rest behind. Another customer dove into the box relieved to have found a few rolls too. Those four rolls lasted us long enough to find another pack and then another pack. We never completely ran out of toilet paper.

Part of being spiritually grounded is staying in the present moment, not reliving the past or worrying about the future. I was able to stay centered. If I had given into the fear of uncertainty of what the future held, I never would have seen the small box of toilet paper.

I am not saying that there weren’t times while walking through the store when I could feel panic setting in. As soon as I recognized that it was popping up, I would stop and take a few deep breaths to bring me back into my body. I’d focus on my heart rate, which was usually elevated, and would just breathe until I felt back to normal and calmer. Then I would continue shopping, mindful of my thoughts and physiological responses.

There are many ways to stay spiritually grounded; being in and connecting with nature, exercise, and meditation just to name a few. There is no magical equation. Meditation is a great one, but if the thought of sitting still causes you stress, don’t do it or find a type that brings you peace. Find what works for you.

Be well and stay grounded, my friends.

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Angie Loren
Angie Loren is an intuitive healer, medium, Reiki master teacher, and shamon practitioner. She is a co-creator of A Center for Transformative Growth in Highland, Indiana. Her soul’s purpose is to help guide others with their healing on all levels of their multidimensional selves, from akashic record cleansing and past life healing to angel card readings, energy healing, and soul retrievals. She has a BA in elementary education, an MS in psychology, and a doctorate in Spiritual Development. To learn more about Angie and her upcoming events, follow her on Facebook @ Butterflies And Light or visit butterfliesandlight.com.
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