Spring cleaning purge list

Here’s my spring purge list

Spring is just around the corner, and March is a really good time to “Clean and Purge.” During the winter months, it seems like we have an endless amount of time to get things done around the house. Things that have piled up while we were out enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. Now spring is just around the corner, and our task list still has items that have not been checked off, or at least my list does.

Here is a list of things to get you started Cleaning and Purging.

  • Paint Cans – Nothing lasts forever, and paint sure doesn’t. If the lid is not on properly, it can dry out and get thick and lumpy. The older paint cans get rusty, and rust particles will fall into the paint. Sometimes we get concerned that paint will need to get disposed of chemically or in a special location. I’m not sure about your town or village, but where I live, we can open up the cans, let them dry out on their own or sprinkle some kitty litter or sand in the cans. Once they are dried out, which can take several days, they can be disposed of in the regular garbage. Check with your town for local guidelines.
  • Broken, old or rusty garden tools. Take a look at your garden tools and clean them off to get them ready for spring. If they are broken or not sharp enough, you can add them to your list of items to replace. It’s always nice to get a new pair of garden gloves too.
  • Get rid of items that your family has outgrown. This list can include.
    • Sports equipment
    • Bikes
    • Toys
    • Yard games
    • Pool Supplies such as noodles and rafts
    • Expired suntan lotions
    • Shoes and boots that may have collected in the garage
  • Clean and dust the shelves in your garage.
  • Sweep out any old leaves, dirt and grime. Hose it down if you have a drain.
  • Review your garden pots and lawn furniture, do they need to be repaired or replaced?
  • Do you need more gas for your BBQ grill? Don’t wait till you want to cook those steaks and fish to realize you need gas or charcoal.
  • Do you need a new cooler? Get one now before all the cute ones are sold out.
  • Will your lawnmower start? Does it need fresh gas and maybe a new spark plug or tune-up? Take care of that now!
  • Do you have an extra refrigerator in your garage? Give it a deep clean!
  • Any holiday decor that needs to be relocated or tossed? Now is the time.
  • Make a shopping / wish list for new items.

Happy Spring!

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