seven ways to redesign your life

What to do with our emotions when they don’t cooperate with us?

Emotions not always go hand in hand with our goals and they can interfere in the path of achieving what we want.  Is there a way to change them?

Emotions are what move us to action. (from Latin emovere) They predispose us to act in a certain way.  Depending on our emotional estate, some actions will be available to us, and others won’t. If we want to achieve a goal but our emotions and moods are not facilitating the actions we need to take to get there, the result will be PROCRASTINATION. Our minds (thoughts and speech), emotions, and physical bodies are connected and interdependent.  It is great to have all three aligned and moving in the same direction.  But this is not always the case. If our mind says, “go there, go for that possibility that is open for me,” but our emotions don’t cooperate and say” yes! Let’s do it!”  more than likely, we won’t accomplish what we want. We can affect and redesign our emotional estate by having intervention in the body and mind. 

Let’s look at these 7 ways available to you to redesign your emotional estate to better serve you and your goals:

  • CHANGE YOUR PHYSICAL POSTURE:  If you stand up or walk hunched over, your outlook will probably not be very bright.  Stand up with your back straight, walk with your chin up and your gaze straight up.  The world will look different, and you will be readier to seize your day.

  • EXERCISE: the endorphins produced when you exercise will change the chemistry in your body, and in turn, your emotional estate and mood will improve, and be ready to help you reach your goal.  Dancing is a great way to exercise and a quick mood lifter! Play your favorite music and shake your booty!

  • BREATH: Proper breathing will activate your parasympathetic nervous system and will reduce stress.  Proper breathing is done abdominally (no chest breathing!) and rhythmically, inhalations as long as exhalations.

  • LISTEN TO MUSIC: different types of music will evoke different emotional states in you. Choose the kind of music that you need at the moment to generate the emotional state that the actions you want to take required.

  • LEARN TO PAUSE AND RELAX: easier said than done, right?  But it would be best if you learn to pause and take time off for your body to rest and recharge. Your emotions and mood will change once the body feels rested and restored.

  • GOOD OLD CRY: Often, we feel sad, but our bodies can’t or won’t express the sadness. It gets bottled up.  A good old cry will allow the physical experience of the sadness, and it will be easily released.  Be careful not to feed the sadness with your thoughts while crying though, allow your body to express the sadness the way the body does it best- that is, crying.

  • CHANGE YOUR STORY AND NARRATIVE:  the story you create in your mind of what has happened or is happening will generate a certain emotional estate that may be shutting off certain ways of action and possibilities to go for.  You can modify your narrative by telling yourself something different about what is going on to produce a different emotional response that will enable you to act to lead you to the goal you want to achieve.

Changing your narrative will change your emotions and the end of the story too.


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Maria Wilson
Bio: ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified Coach Associate Certified Pranic Healer. Passionate about human relationships- starting with oneself – as a key element in our quest for a meaningful and happy life.
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