Seasonal Organizing: 10 Tips to Get Ready for Winter

Here’s 10 organizing tips to help you get ready for winter

Here in the Midwest our seasons go from hot to cold in a matter of hours. September and October is the months we begin to winterize our closets, yards, garages even gutters, and ladies this is something WE can conquer!

When the cold and rainy weather returns to the Midwest it is my time to get caught up with all the things that have gone unattended while I have been out enjoying the things I love the most: Sunshine, Beach Time, Pool Time, Boating, Bike Riding and just about anything outdoors during Summer.  I always think, “Thank goodness for the not-so-nice weather, or I wouldn’t get anything done around here.” 

My top ten tips for getting ready for Winter: 

  1. Winterize your yard: I am a lifelong gardener, and my yard and deck are full of plants and flowers. I hate the thought of leaving my potted flowers and plants out in the cold to die. I bring most of them inside to see if they will survive the Winter, and surprisingly, most of them do. I also have a large perennial garden that surrounds my house. I used to take special care in cutting down all the plants in the Fall, so they can sprout up new come Spring. This was very time-consuming and hard on your hands and back. Now I just trim them all down with a hedge trimmer, and it works just as well. 
  2. Seasonal closet swapping: I have many clients who hire me for just this reason. We swap clothes, shoes, boots and handbags from one location to the next, eliminating items that they no longer want to keep for whatever reason. We also remove items that need repair. Make lists of item staples that we need to add to their wardrobe. In some homes, due to space restrictions, this task is a must. Personally, in my closet, I am not a fan of seasonal clothes swapping. Here in the Midwest, we often have multiple seasons in one day. I like to know what items I have for all seasons and to have those items at my fingertips if needed. Also, I would rather not go to another location, such as a basement or otherwise, when packing for a trip to the tropics, which takes me to tip number three. 
  3. Plan a Winter escape! A long weekend or even a week away during the dark and cold Winter is all I need to convince me that “yes, warmer weather is still out there and will eventually return.” 
  4. Create a “Bucket list Folder” for the months to follow. Are there things you didn’t quite get to this year? Restaurants that you would like to try, a recipe that sounded good, a flea market that looked fun, a project around the house that you just haven’t had a chance to tackle. Add it to your “Bucket list Folder.” 
  5. Prepare your garage for the Winter. Summer items such as lawnmowers, garden tools, pots, lawn furniture, Summer sporting goods and other items can be moved to the back of the garage. Be sure to run all the gas out of your lawnmower so the gas won’t freeze during the cold winter months. Move the Winter items such as a snowblower, shovels, salt and Winter sports equipment to the front of the garage. If you live in a part of the country with harsh weather, be sure to move all your garage liquids such as paint, wood stain and weed killer to a location where they won’t freeze, and that will still be safely stored away from children and pets. If you have an attached garage, it might be helpful to have a tray outside the door as a place to drop wet boots, shoes, gloves and hats. Be sure also to cover your grill and any patio furniture that you are unable to bring in. Remember that dirt in pots will freeze and thaw and can break even cement planters. 
  6. Plan your indoor Winter projects: Declutter a room, basement or attic. Repurpose a room or a closet. Create a space with more function. Organize your drawers, cabinets and closets. Get the family involved.  
  7. Add some Salt Lamps: Salt Lamps clean the air, boost your mood and help you sleep. I am usually the sceptic when it comes to things like this… My friend in California is a big believer in Sat Lamps and has over 40 in her house. I thought at first it was a bit excessive, but after being a guest in her home for five days. I could totally feel the difference in the air, energy and peace and calm and mist of all in my sleep. I have since added a Salt Lamp to my own bedroom, and I can totally tell the difference in my sleep if I forget to turn it on before I go to bed.  
  8. The dark days of Winter: Winter can get very dark and gloomy and almost a little depressing. Warm things up with a cozy fire and lots of warm flickering candles. Afraid that a child or pet might start a fire? There are many electronic candles and cute light-up fairy lights that just might do the trick to create a warm and cozy glow. 
  9. Don’t forget to clean your gutters! Having clean gutters can help the water and snow to run away from your roof and house. Be sure that the majority of fall leaves have been cleared away to prevent “ice damning” that could cause some major damage. 
  10. Feed the birds and wildlife. I love to feed the birds all year long. I enjoy watching them interact with each other and love their beautiful colors and their beautiful voices. In Summertime, the Chickadees and Hummingbirds, along with the bright yellow finches, are my favorites by far. The Winter snow is an amazing backdrop for the beautiful red cardinals. I provide them fresh water and seed to help them get through the Winter. We all need a little help from our friends

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