Post-Holiday Purge – Out with the Old in with the New

Do you purge your holiday decorations?

Out with the old and in with the new can mean a lot of different things to many different people. We could be talking about bad habits, people or situations that no longer work in the life we are trying to create, changes that we want to make with our own habits and life. Or simply the excess amounts of stuff that we have, including holiday and seasonal décor. So this year, don’t forget to purge any old holiday décor that has seen better days.

Throughout the year I help many of my clients organize basements, garages, closets, attics and much more. We always come across many holiday items that seem to never stop piling up. For most people, it is difficult to imagine what kind of holiday spirit you might be in when it’s July and 90 degrees outside, and all you can think about is the beach and summer fun. My advice to them is, “let’s get everything organized and labeled in their proper bins and wait to think about what you want to keep and what you might want to get rid of when the actual holiday arrives, and you are in the spirit of the season.”

Holiday décor can have many categories…

  • Sentimental items and ornaments that you feel should be saved for your children someday but that you do not necessarily want on display.
  • Theme decorating like a snowman collection, you might want to keep these items but not necessarily use them every year.
  • A Holiday / Christmas light bin.
  • Holiday cards, cards you have received and might want to keep.
  • Outside decorations.
  • Gifts or re-gifts.

The list could go on and on. Keep only what you love and what is special to you. When saving holiday décor for your children or grandchildren, limit it to one box per child at the very most.  I have seen more times that I can count the substantial amounts of memories, projects that a child had worked on in school, handmade items that all parents think their child will want someday; the truth is they usually never want such items. When the time comes for the parents to downsize and move out of the family home to their “dream retirement” destination, they are always stuck with these boxes. They will always say to me, “I have these boxes here for them, but they never come by and get them” there is a reason for that…they do not want them. So, limit what you save! Save only what you love and what has a special memory for you.

I love shopping at Home Goods and TJ Maxx, they always have the cutest things and during the holidays even more cute things. Sometimes I just want a new addition to my holiday decorations, and Home Goods is a wonderful place to find a little something new. There is always room in my home for a glittery tree or anything sparkly.

Do not forget the after-holiday sales to stock up on items that might need replacing, such as holiday lights and much more.

Ring in the new year with wonderful plans for the future, positive thoughts, dreams and goals.

Wishing you and your family peace, love, and a happy and healthy new year.

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Holly Lake
Professional Organizer , Holly On The Spot
Holly Lake founder of Holly on the Spot specializes in assisting clients with organizing their homes and offices in a very large or small way. Closets, pantry’s and basements are only part of her specialty. When planning for a move Holly and her team can assist with packing or unpacking and helping clients make the most of their space in their new or existing home. She will even assist in selling items that no longer work for you or your current space or lifestyle. Holly on the Spot allows their clients to stay focused on careers and families, while keeping them organized and assisting with daily tasks. She helps her clients stay organized which helps reduce stress in life. Personal errand services are also available. Holly takes pride in building a personal and professional relationship with her clients. The nature of the work is often very personal, so Holly’s professional and focused approach is important to her discerning clientele. She has become a trusted friend to many of her clients. She takes great pride in offering a personalized service. Holly Lake founder of Holly on the Spot is passionate about helping others. She spent the first 22 years of her career at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. She is also a licensed cosmetologist, specializing in fashion consulting, hair and nails. Holly helps her clients remove clutter and organize their life. Holly and her team are truly a full-service company, no job is too big or small.
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