Mindset shift that will change your career

Mindset Is One Of The Biggest Barriers For Any Type Of Change, Especially A Big One Like A Career Change. Identify What Your Mindset Blocks Are And Learning How To Shift Them Can Have A Really Huge Impact On Your Ability To Succeed And Create An Amazing Change In Your Career.

So often, the thing that gets in our way of taking action for ourselves is located right between our ears. Mindset is almost everything. I say almost because ‘doing’ is really everything, but what we aim for doing can be significantly sidetracked by what we are thinking about ourselves and our situations. Working on mindset involves finding the ability to self-identify, resolve, and prevent things from happening in the future that can hold you back. When it comes to our careers, we tend to associate so much with who we are with what we do. Whether we are working hard in our current careers or working hard to forge a new one, we can get hung up on so much that really has NOTHING to do with our technical ability or skills. We get hung up on what our brains are telling us, and that internal self-talk does nothing to help us along. I have experienced my own fill of mindset blocks, some that I still work on regularly. I’ve experienced them in jobs I held a long time and in brand new business endeavors, and everywhere in between. And for those who claim that they have never struggled with mindset blocks are completely lying to us and, more important, to themselves. Here’s a breakdown of some of the challenging mindset blocks I’ve had with tidbits of insight and realizations to shift them.



Limiting beliefs are those that you truly believe are true for you and limit you in some way, shape, or form. We form our beliefs based on our upbringing, the experiences we have, what we interpret or internalize based on what goes on around us, or society. As we continue to grow and evolve as people, we may encounter times where the beliefs we have just no longer serve who we are or our current outlook on life. The more I started discovering my own limiting beliefs, the became even more pronounced, and I felt I couldn’t ignore them. One of the best ways I worked through this was to take one belief at a time that was holding me back, think about why that belief may have been true for me at one point in my life, what about that belief no longer serves me, and how I can reframe it to become something that no longer holds me back. Try asking yourself what you believe to be true that is holding you back from your dream career, and then work through the process I used.


The more I started discovering my own limiting beliefs they became even more pronounced, and I felt I couldn’t ignore them.



Imposter syndrome is when you doubt your abilities or question whether you are deserving of credit, at times perhaps even feeling like a fraud. No fun! If you are considering a career change, maybe this shows up in ways such as not thinking your career change can be successful, being scared people won’t hire you, starting to question your abilities or tenacity. When this happens, your confidence starts to wane, and you undervalue what you can do or offer. You don’t believe your value is there. When I made my big career move and started my coaching practice, I felt like I was overdelivering and overdoing everything to prove I actually knew what I was doing. I learned the more I did this, the more I tended to burnout, AND my clients didn’t even want all of it! It was too much for them. Relax. Could you keep it simple? You have what it takes. When you stop worrying about yourself and put all your energy into focusing on your clients or audience’s needs and being in service, you can overcome your imposter syndrome.



Striving for perfection is such a time suck and paralyzer. Never be perfect. Learn that getting something done is better than being perfect. Many people make decisions, change jobs, launch new pieces of work before they are completely ready. I have struggled with perfection my whole life, and it has created more stress for me than joy. So I have learned to get it to 80% good then go with it. I have realized that if I didn’t land the client, it’s not because I’m not perfect or my offerings are not perfect, it’s just not their thing, or they are not ready. I have had to learn that my identity is not in my career as well. My career is what I do, not who I am. I also have to be very aware and ‘parent’ my inner voice when self-doubt kicks in when I’m out of my comfort zone. Learning to apply the same logic and reason I’d give my child is a good reminder to give myself some grace.



Don’t be a DIYer with everything related to your career change. Learning to trust others and enlist their help, guidance, and mentorship is essential. Relinquish some control. Don’t try to force yourself to get good at what you are not naturally great at. Look at what you love/hate and make finding support for those pieces a top priority—also, ditch the-all-or-nothing thinking. Don’t let yourself be fooled that you have failed if you didn’t get your whole career plan done. Stop thinking in maximums. Set smaller milestones to hit and check off is very helpful. Once you achieve the small milestones, your reward is the memory of how good that feels to keep doing more.


Feel the fear and do it anyway. Realize if you are uncomfortable, it can be a really good indicator that you are growing.



I’ve saved the best for last. Or should I say worst? Fear is a real thing, unfortunately. Courage is not required to get past your fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Realize if you are uncomfortable, it can be an excellent indicator that you are growing. Courage comes after, not before. As a fun idea, keep a little ‘win jar,’ and each time you feel the fear, place another button, stone, or whatever floats your boat in the jar. It can be a perfect visual reminder of the courage you are building! If you want an extraordinary career, sometimes you have to do something extraordinary to get it. You’ve got it in you, don’t let your mindset blocks get in your way. Do you care enough to get the career of your dream? Stick it out. Have patience. Realize how you might be getting in your own way and work on those things!

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