how to create a safe space and nurture your spirit through creative art

We are a vessel- The womb is the place we birth some of the most magical elements of our being. Nurturing our “container” will allow our spirit to grow in abundance.

Week after week, I kept scheduling two hours of messy studio time.  Week after week, I wasn’t putting in those two hours. This was the time to work on my own personal artwork – outside of teaching and client work. I should be excited to do it!  It should be easy! I would think about it. Sometimes I would even sit in the chair.  But nothing much happened.  It left me feeling frustrated; a bit scared that I “lost touch,” worried that my own creative well had dried up, sad that this juicy part of my life seemed to be locked away from me, nostalgic for all the joyful time I spent in the messy madness of making something mysterious and unknown. I started to check in on some things.  Mentally, I had been consumed with some business projects. Emotionally, I had been concerned about other people.  Physically, my space was a mess in an uninviting way.  Spiritually, I felt disconnected from the soulful message in my art.

So, it was time to stop worrying and start asking myself, “How do I create the container?”  Because the creative spirit requires a safe and nurturing environment to reveal herself and dance.

Honoring your intuition

Imagine you have just bought a house with a yard for your kid to play in.  You can’t wait to see her running outside and playing happily! But behind the yard is a forest that isn’t safe for a young child to venture into alone. And the house is a busy street with cars zooming by.  And, right now, there isn’t much to do in the yard.  It is little more than dry dirt…  You really don’t feel great about your kid playing there yet. So you fence in the yard and put down some grass seed. You cultivate a small garden with flowers and vegetables and install swings and build a sandbox. You see, the tree is perfect for a treehouse.   Now, you feel good letting your kid run freely out the back door! You couldn’t stop her if you tried! You smile as they explore and get dirty and make things and grow things and lay in the grass from the window. You can rest knowing you have built the perfect container for your kid to be the creative, imaginative, free-spirit that they are.  Well, our egos aren’t much different than being a parent.  Its job is to keep us safe.  If there are perceived dangers, it will find ways to keep us from doing something.  These dangers could look like threats of being not good enough or not having what you need. If you haven’t been creating much, your internal space might look more like an abandoned lot than a fun playground. This space will need some nurturing, and your ego will need some reassurance before it lets your creativity out to play.

our egos aren’t much different than being a parent.  Its job is to keep us safe. 

We can do this by tending to the various parts of ourselves, making them safer and more inviting.  Mentally and emotionally, we need to manage our thoughts and fears.  Fears around your creativity need to be recognized and accepted. (We all have them and, if they are not heard, they will wreak havoc!) Physically, we need to tend to our making space.  What do you need to look like and smell like and sound like to be inspired?  Spiritually, we need to reconnect with our Soul needs and make a conscious decision to honor and trust them.  This is a process you can do in minutes, or it can take days or months.  But if you keep showing up for it, you will be rewarded with the powerful, fun, unique, life-giving presence of your own creativity.  It took me a few weeks this last time, but once the container was constructed, I played and played and played…  And I’m still playing!

What can you do to cultivate your creative container?  How can you make a nurturing space mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually for your creativity to play in?

Want help creating your container and get a creative project done? Join us for our next Create It Class: Idea to Creation in Four Weeks this April!  Want a more personalized approach? Check out our One-to-One Creative Coaching.

Download my create your container worksheet below!

Disclaimer: Karen Light is a Professional Artist and Creative Coach. She is not a licensed psychologist or health care professional and her services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. Coaching is not therapy and does not substitute for therapy if needed, and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease. 


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Karen Light
Karen Light has a personal mission to awaken creative power. She is an artist, coach/teacher/mentor, and the founder of Studio Light Illustration. Karen is passionate about stories – both illustrating them and guiding others through the process of re-imagining the stories of their lives, individually and collectively! Her toolbox has been honed from working as an artist, two decades of teaching young people, coaching teachers, studying community arts, her work in social justice, and her ever-evolving spiritual practices.
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