Men That Have Showed Up For Us in Our Lives

Who is that one man in your life that has showed up.

Male role models come in all shapes and sizes and if we are blessed enough to have a father, or male mentor in our lives growing up, celebrating them this fathers day should be priority.

My real-life hero is not your average Spiderman or Superman. Because to be a hero you don’t have to be muscular or famous because “All heroes do not wear caps”. If you are a father you can be a hero anyway. 

I can talk whole day my heart out about my beautiful relationship with my father yet it would still be not enough to praise him for what he has done for us so far. Also, I believe whoever is reading this is somehow relating to the vibes or feeling I am trying to send through this. The reason behind sharing my experience with you all is to show you that there are men that show up for us in our lives, check upon us and they are the actual heroes.

Just like if there is no leader to a team, a team might not perform as well as it could be because a leader helps you to lead towards success in a good manner and personal experience. Similarly, a family without a head is naive and your father is the only leader who can help you to do wonders in your life. I consider myself and all those out there lucky who have their fathers to rely on.

Thankfully, my father is the reason to made me realize that why Father’s Day is one of the celebrations. Since my childhood, I have been hearing from my mom, all the good stuff about my dad. She told us that he was always there for his family either it’s about us or her, also he wanted my mom and him to be as interchangeable as possible, and did not want to just be seen as the alternative to a preferred mother. I know it is rare yet it is true and there are some amazing men out there who are doing something more than just being a money-making machine so that their children could have the best lifestyle.

I firmly believe that there is no harm in critically think about your children’s future, their education, and a healthy lifestyle. And I equally value and respect those dads who work tirelessly day and night to give their children the ideal life they did not have. However, the point of conflict here is that the dads around the world today are focusing more on the materialistic needs of a child. They do not understand that there are some vacant spaces in an infant’s hearts and the life which can be only filled with emotions and affections and anything expensive cannot replace that emotion he/she wants. A child deserves your attention, your time, and your concern, it helps him to feel loved, to feel completed and he would never try to find the hero in fictional characters.

Moreover, if I talk about my dad, he considers us all his priority and tries to spare time from his busy life to spend with us. No matter how far he is from us physically, he is still always there for us emotionally and never lets us feel alone. My Dad is always willing to assist me whenever I need it. To me, he resembles a hero. He is a person who is amusing, cool, adventurous, and intelligent. He enjoys traveling, which is why we often take vacations to far-flung locations. I enjoy traveling as well, which is why, when it comes to Dad’s companionship, vacations are often eagerly anticipated from my side.

You’ve already heard a lot of stories about your father when he was younger. My father used to climb trees with his friends and in his childhood, he got his teeth broken while riding a bicycle. And while I am incredibly proud of him, I am also envious because I could never dream of such a thing. Have you ever think about watching the world from afar without being noticed? That’s exactly what we have learned from him. Before jumping to the conclusion or your next step, observe calmly what others are doing with the same circumstances and then make your own decision. This theory helped him succeed by keeping an eye on his competitors, and believe me, it worked.

Aside from being a great father, I have to say, he is a great husband, as he has been getting up early every morning for the past 23 years and finishing cooking all without the assistance of anyone. I’m curious as to what motivates him but deep down I am proud of him. Food is everything to him and I am his blind follower so it works for me too. Although, he is very conscious about what we eat. He always tells us that we should eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, which are high in vitamins and minerals. I, personally think that it is good to be cautious about your child’s eating habits.

Furthermore, he has always nurtured in me strong qualities and strong ethical values and has never spoiled me by purchasing all of my desires. However, he has also sent me many things that I have always desired but never let me feel that I can buy whatever and whenever I won’t unless it is not necessary. My father has always done everything he could to raise me to be a decent person. He made sure he could help me with my education in every way he could. He and my mother worked together to raise me and inspire me to become the person I am today. He didn’t tell me I couldn’t try any topic because it was assumed to be ‘male dominated or not for girls.  

Being a daughter there is no great blessing to have a father like your friend, I try and used to share my thoughts even random thoughts with my dad. I always find him welcoming and interested and we talk for hours on any topic until we get to the conclusion. Feminism, the most misunderstood term I think, but my dad has always shown the positive aspect of everything we discuss and tries to explain why it prevails with a negative impact. Similarly, Feminism is not a curse word he taught us and it only means women empowerment. 

His insights on how to better shape his children’s perspectives are informed by his interactions with the many strong women in his life, including his daughters, his wonderful wife, fantastic colleagues, and the example his mother set for him as a child. I have learned from him that women’s empowerment begins by letting girls know they are loved, respected, and protected, whether in the United States or elsewhere. These are the most basic things he does as a parent, no matter how difficult things get. It’s sometimes as easy as telling someone you are proud of them.

A lot of you may be unable to relate yourself with the experiences I shared in this essay and I accept it. Everyone is fighting their fights, having their journey but those who have the right people around them to support are fighting happily. If you never have good relations with your father or brothers because of them being not supportive. Then try to find a good father for your kids and let them feel the purity of this beautiful relationship.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, no one is born perfect, each one of us has flaws and yet dads are not perfect too nobody is. But in a bigger picture and a life we always want to see him perfect, smiling, and healthy. Perfection is not important, learning from your mistakes and life experiences is important, avoid repeating your mistakes is important. Love your family and to be the ray of sunshine for them is important. These qualities are what make a good dad.

I just have one piece of advice for everyone and want to share it, you never know what will happen tomorrow, and you can’t change the future, but you can share your precious time and make some wonderful memories that you can count on. It’s not always the Mom only, but it’s sometimes the Dad, and it’s always my Dad. My siblings and I owe him our importance, respect, and appreciation for the love and affection he bestowed on us.

To conclude, daddy is my hero, and I will never stop admiring him. He is and always will be my role model no matter how old I would get. My whole life revolves around him, and he is the greatest father in the universe because no love is greater than that between a father and a daughter. Finally, I’d like to say to my father. And I wanted to say that in this male dominant world there are these males in our own homes who empower us and make us strong enough to go and conquer this world despite the gender we daughters are born with. I am proud to be the daughter of the world’s best father.  


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