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After the crap year of 2020, you want to make 2021 the year that defines taking complete control of your personal fitness journey. Not to mention that you don’t want this year to be like the rest… You know, where after a few weeks, you have completely fallen off the bandwagon.

Well, shake off the past and consider this the start of something new since you will have a blueprint to make this the best year yet. Not only will you create a fitness habit that sticks, but you will have undergone a complete lifestyle transformation that you can be proud of. One of the biggest reasons people fail to maintain their fitness journey is because they go “0 to 100” when making changes. Instead of making a ton of changes at once, make them one at a time. BREAK IT DOWN. Do you know how steps build one on top of the other? I want you to do the same thing. Start slow with one task you can complete 90% of the time before building upon it. For example, start off working out three times per week for 30 minutes. If you can keep this habit up for two weeks, then bump it up to four days. Eventually, working out will be a normal part of your day and no longer feel like something you have to plan into your day.

You can do the same thing when implementing a step goal into your plan, which brings more benefit than you may realize. For starters, you can increase your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE), where you burn calories throughout the day outside of doing an official workout. A step goal will lead to burning more calories and help your digestive system function better, increasing blood flow and circulation, getting you moving more, and helping you shed some weight. You can easily do this by setting a daily step goal, so find reasons to walk more.  I encourage you to park at the back of the parking lot, take the stairs over the elevator, go on morning walks, and participate in outings that encourage movement like walking in the park, skating, or dancing. Make it fun, so you don’t even consider it ‘exercising.’ Start slowly with 7,000 steps, then work your way up to upwards of 15,000 steps per day.  Another important part of your blueprint for creating a fitness habit that sticks is to create a schedule. For some, this may mean doing it at the beginning of the month, while this could be once a week for others. Find what works best for you. Personally, I am the checklist Diva, haha. I enjoy writing down tasks on sticky notes, sticking them to my wall, then ripping those suckers down when a task is completed. Weird? Maybe, but it keeps me focused. So find what works for you. I tell my clients, “Plan or plan to fail.” This is where you would write down your meals for the week, go grocery shopping, do meal prep, and schedule a workout. Get into the habit of doing this regularly as it will provide clarity to your weeks. 

When making changes, instead of making a ton of changes at once, make them on at a time.

Next, when you make your schedule, add in little rewards to keep you motivated. A boring and mundane fitness journey that feels like work will only burn you out, so make it fun! Perhaps there is a favorite new restaurant you want to try out or splurging on a new workout outfit from Athleta or Lululemon. Whatever it is, make sure it will keep you motivated. I recommend a reward every two weeks or 14 days.  Now that you have broken your fitness journey down into smaller steps and created a schedule remember to focus on the habits and not the results! At the beginning of my own fitness journey, I would get soooo frustrated when I did not “see” the results in the mirror or on the scale. I would do all the right things day after day, but when I looked at my reflection, it looked like I hadn’t even started, although I felt stronger, more energetic, and overall happier.  What sucked was that the scale did not reflect the results I thought I should be seeing with all of the work I had been putting in. I share this with you because I want you to remember that results take time, effort, and dedication. So instead of focusing on the results, focus on the habits. By concentrating on the daily habits, you will be making progress, so don’t backslide and stop them. Remember that there are other ways to check progress such as mood, how your clothes fit, having more energy, and even sleeping better! Find other ways to track your progress besides just focusing on the numbers on the scale. 

Accountability with a personal coach can be resourceful when reaching goals.

Since you are human and I have walked in your shoes, I highly recommend using a habit tracker. Use it every day to check progress and further encourage you to focus on the habit and not the results. Make your habit tracker something highly visual in your home and put it in a place you visit often. This could be on the fridge, on your desk, or even taped to your bathroom mirror. It will help you “see” your progress when you may not physically see it in the mirror or on the scale yet :). 

The most important way to ensure sticking to your fitness habits this year is by having a solid sense of community. It would help if you connected with others looking to achieve similar goals and be each other’s support system. You will have good days, and you will have bad days, but knowing that you have a team of people surrounding you – who want to push you to be the best version of yourself – will ultimately help you stay afloat.  Next, this is the perfect time to enlist a coach’s help if you are seriously ready to level up and hit a home run. If you are at a place where you know that extra set of eyes, accountability, and a community to support you, plus a proven method to reach your fitness goals, let’s chat. This is the time of year when putting yourself first matters the most! You owe it to yourself to make this year the best one yet and to have a tribe of women supporting you and a coach in your corner. 

Feel free to reach out to me , I would seriously love to hear from you and we can really start this year off with a Bang Boo! 


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