Key Relationships to Focus on This Holiday Season

My family is priceless, my friends are important, my loved ones are irreplaceable. So are my colleagues and teammates. I want to be loving, focused and balanced this Holiday Season.

Family over everything: the saying never gets old.  Right now in the times we live in, it’s not just an old cliché.  Your family is a priority. The Lord has blessed you with a life together. You learn what your weaknesses are as an individual so you can grow.  We take our family relationships for granted at times.  We focus our energies on our careers, climbing the corporate ladder – gotta get to da $bag. It is all for the sake of chasing something that will never compare to a face-to-face conversation with a family member who wants some of our time.  Just thirty minutes of uninterrupted conversation seems like a miraculous event.  It is one of the most meaningful things we can do during this Holiday Season.  No amount of money in the world can buy a second of extra family time. Time is a currency and there are no refunds.  Once you spend it and how you spend it is a part of your history.  Please make sure that you make time for your family during this Holiday Season. It is truly an essence to do so.

My friends are my chosen family.  When I think of my friends, every one of them is an extended chosen family member.  I am not technically related to them by blood; maybe a few meet that criteria.  For the most part, they have been divinely placed in my life.  My friends make me flourish and grow. They choose to love me unconditionally unlike my family. They can’t deny I belong in the family!  Friends are the sugar and spice of life.  Friends make our lives meaningful.  I can only imagine what my life would be like without my friends. 

I don’t want a life without close friends.  They keep me grounded.  They love me for me.  I know the importance of being a friend and having friends.  It’s a life source for many different aspects of my life.  A close friend of thirty-five years is a beautiful lady.  She is the total opposite of me. (smile) I love her and her family.  I have a close friend of forty years and he is a sweetheart.  He has always been there for me when I have needed a friend.  I love him to pieces.  Perhaps, you don’t have a friend that you consider close.  The bible says to gain friends to make ourselves friendly.  You will be doing yourself and others a great service by staying connected with your friends this Holiday Season.

Loved ones, how does this work in relationships?  Great question! I am glad you asked.  My definition of a loved one is an extended family member and not an immediate family member.  Think of the people we don’t speak to regularly but are a loved one. We want to know how they are doing. It is equally important to have a close connection to our loved ones during the Holiday Season. They may not have anyone to spend time with during the holidays when many others are out of town.  Due to Covid-19, it will be hard to travel.  I encourage you to read the article on “Tough Conversations to Have with our Children the Holiday Season.” Here I go more into depth about Covid-19’s effects on the holidays. 

Our loved ones kind of slip through the cracks, so to speak.  Everyone says to themselves that they are just fine without checking to make sure.  I like to keep in mind that one day, I may be that loved one, needing someone to think of me. You will always bring a loved one joy when you reach out to them during the Holiday Season.  You may not speak to them all year long, but it is okay to touch them at this time. That reach out will last until the next Holiday Season rolls around again next year.  I encourage you to dig deep and allow the Lord to put some loved ones in your heart this year.  Reach out by phone or by mail.  You will do a world of good.

Colleagues and teammates at work are as essential as family during the Holiday Season.  My work family is the best!  I cannot say enough about them; some are the coolest people I have met throughout the years at my place of employment.  I have worked in several different fields and am  a mother of ten.  I must be very versatile and flexible to meet the needs of my family. Right now I am in health care administration.  My work family has been there for me through some of the most difficult times I have faced as a woman, mom, sister, aunt, daughter, and wife.  I am around them for eight plus hours a day five days a week; that’s a very good chunk of time to spend with a team, certainly enough to form bonds or relationships. 

My work family has been dependable and respectful towards me. I too fit in this category. ( I am not referring to the colleagues that barely speak to me most days.)  I hope you have developed a workplace family to connect during the Holiday Season. I am always on the event coordinating committee – which consists of just me. I host a secret Santa every year in the office.  It is so much fun even if just for a few.  We have a $20 minimum and $30 maximum for gift purchases.  Each team member sends me a list that I number.  Every person pulls a number from a bowl.  You don’t know who gets who because everyone is a number. 

We cater a dinner with everyone pitching in $15 during which we have our gift exchange and reveal our secret Santas. The secret Santa also places a gift daily for ten days leading up to our Christmas luncheon.  We all enjoy this time of bonding and giving to each other.  Due to Covid-19, we are no longer together for team building events. It is all the more reason to keep colleagues and teammates on your mind during this Holiday Season.  A good idea is a zoom call with your team just to say hi and I am thinking about you.  Possibly share recipes or good sales you know of.  My main point is that teammate relationships are a good focus during the Holiday Season.

I pray you have a great Holiday Season.  I pray you stay safe.  I pray you enjoy loving the beautiful people in your life.  Family, friends, loved ones, colleagues and teammates will be blessed by you and your time this Holiday Season.

Be Inspired,

Ms. Rachelle L. Dillard

Certified International Inspirational Life Coach

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