Is fear holding you back from success

Here’s a few tips if you’re struggling to overcome fear in your life

Fear can keep us in a holding pattern. I have worked with many women over the years, that allowed this energy to paralyze their every being. We don’t have to succumb to this there are many tricks and tips to help move you out of this head space.

The more you will think about your success, the more you’ll get fear and worry. A study first established the authenticity of the fear of success, of reaching one’s aims, some decades ago. The results of that study were relevant to fear of success, and the results, however, proved controversial. Since then, most scientists have agreed that the fear of success exists in men and women. Fear of success is the same as the fear of failure. It contains many symptoms that are the same as failure symptoms, and these fears do not let you attain your goals.

Fear is a scary emotion and has the potential to cripple us sometimes and hold us back from getting our true potential in life. Whether we like it or not, there is some form of fear in us always. It is in our nature to get afraid of the unknown. Consider the common childhood fear of the dark. We are scared because we do not know what is in front of us. This does not change since we find ourselves in adulthood fearing change and taking risks. If we do not know what is in front of us, it is difficult to feel comfortable with moving forward.

Research suggests that we generally anticipate consequences, which makes sense as it let us mentally and physically prepare for the result, so we are not caught off guard. There are many emotions that are linked with the fear of the unknown and, overcoming this fear needs you to dig deep to discover the courage to step into the unknown.

Like fear of being found out, which is also known as imposter syndrome, many people got back by a fear that other people will find them out. If people get very close, if they spend a lot of time with them, then they will find that they are not as smart, creative, talented, imaginative, etc. That once people see under the shiny hood, rather than the performance engine they hope to find, they will find the car’s leaking oil and held with duct tape together. So, they remain in hiding and keep people at the length of the arm. If you experience more fears, bring them to the surface and analyze them realistically, the more you can fade those fears and decrease the reluctance to accomplish the goals.

However, if you want to have the career you have always dreamed of, you should find a way to show your value. That is one of the important leadership qualities for success. Once you are able to share with people about who you really are, then you can make it only. You cannot make it if you cannot be vulnerable and associate with them to discover what they truly care about. So, unless you let go of this fear, which you won’t, you will struggle to connect and get success in your career.

Fear of Success

This fear is based on the thought that success means more responsibility and devotion, united with pressure to perform at a high level.

Signs of Fear of Success

The main problem for various people is that their fear of success is basically unconscious. They do not realize that they have been holding themselves back from doing something great.

If you face the below thoughts or fears, then you may have a fear of success on some level:

You have feelings of guilt about your success, does not matter how small it is, because your friends, family, or colleague have not had the same success.

You do not tell others about your achievements.

You avoid or postpone large projects, particularly projects that could cause recognition.

You often compromise your goals to avoid conflict in a group or conflict in your family.

You sabotage your work by saying to yourself that you are not best enough to accomplish them.

Subconsciously, You feel that you do not deserve to enjoy success in life.

You have the belief that if you accomplish success, you would not be capable to sustain it. Ultimately, you will fail and end up back in a worse place than where you began. So, you think that why you should bother?

The fear of success has many causes

We fear what success can bring, for instance, loneliness, new enemies, being away from family, long working hours, or being asked for money.

We are scared that the higher we climb in life, the more we fall when we make a mistake.

We fear the additional work or criticism that we may face.

We fear that our relationships can suffer if we get successful. Our friends or family will react with cynicism, and we will lose the people that we love.

We fear that achieving our goals and understanding that we have the power to be successful can cause a strong regret that we did not act sooner.

Overcoming the Fear of Success

You can utilize many tactics to overcome the fear of success. The good news is, if you experience more fears, bring them to the surface and analyze them realistically, the more you can fade those fears and decrease the reluctance to accomplish the goals.

Take a genuine look at what happens if you succeed with the goal. Do not look at what you anticipate will happen or what you fear will happen. Rather, look at what can happen. Before you can face your fears, it is important to understand yourself, your limits, and your capabilities so that you can be the good version of yourself when you will overcome the obstacles. Low self-esteem can also impact how a person looks at the world. The world can seem like a hostile place and even make a victim mentality. People who have low self-esteem often miss opportunities and feel powerless to change the result of their situations; this decreases their self-esteem more and produces a vicious cycle.

If the key reason for fear is because we do not know what will happen, then we simply should know. It is important to have a purpose to better understand where we are going, which will remove the unknown and familiarize us with what to anticipate. Another less known but great tool to overcome your fears is the technique of visualization. Overcome your fear and reach your goals. Why let the fears get the good of you when it is in your means to overcome them? Remember, we all have our fears of some kind and go through various degrees of failure because that is how we know we are growing and moving forward in our life.

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