How to tell the difference between a midlife crisis or awakening?

Could you be going through a midlife crisis or awakening?

Most people will face some form of emotional change during their life. A transition that can cause you to take stock of where you are in your life, and make some adjustments, to the way to live the life. Suppose, you are 30 years old and you have not started thinking of yourself as middle-aged. And still, you look to have symptoms of a midlife crisis at the age of 30. Is it possible? Do not worry. This is a common experience, and even it can feel scary, it can be a good thing actually. Now let’s discuss what is a mild life crisis and midlife awakening.

Midlife Crisis 

In the 1960s, society began to define the midlife crisis. At that time, it was named this because people developed its symptoms in the ’40s and ’50s. Their children left the nest, their relationships shifted, their jobs changed, and they will enter this duration of pensive confusion. The midlife crisis is identified by:

  • Desiring a solid sense of purpose in life
  • Entering a transition and change period
  • Feeling like you are not yourself anymore
  • Impulsive decision-making 
  • Restlessness in relationships, work, and life in overall

Of course, some of these can be depression symptoms. As a result, it’s essential to think about what is triggering the feelings. It’s important to differentiate between depression and a midlife crisis. A midlife crisis can be triggered by life changes that can lead to a shaky sense of identity. If you feel like you do not know who you are or what you want, then you may be encountering a midlife crisis. A midlife crisis is used as a way to describe a male or female discovering changes in their life where they can wind up doing conventional things. For men, these can be behavior changes like purchasing a red car or having an affair with a young woman. There is a long list of behaviors that look odd and sudden for both sexes.

However, having a red sports car, or having an affair does not relate to a midlife crisis. These things can occur anytime when people feel a sense of dissatisfaction. Experts have recognized the signs and it is a long list. Women feel that they should make important changes in their life and it looks like asking deep probing questions about life’s meaning. People expect that a midlife crisis can come about. However, they expect it to come in their 30s rarely. When it does, it’s upsetting. However, nowadays, it’s not rare to have a midlife crisis at 30. It is ironic since long lifespans mean that 30 is our midlife rarely. However, changes in life mean that people can have their midlife crises at any age.

Since the 1960’s we learned a lot about adult human development. The old models indicate that people stopped developing psychologically after adulthood. Today, our understanding has changed. Studies now identified common phases in adult psychological development. The first phase is the “midlife reevaluation.” Essentially, you’re changing from an outward focus on the world to an inner pursuit for meaning. As a result, you can assess what came before.

Any transition can switch to a midlife crisis at 30. You may be married for the first time, getting divorced, or reconsidering your sexuality. You want to go back to school or to a new career. Or you are satisfied with the job but wonder what else matters as you settle. As you will reflect on these things, you think about your identity. As you think about who you were formerly and who you will be in the future, you can experience what feels like a midlife crisis.

Midlife awakening

In some years, you will hit the 60 but you want to hit a century or beyond maybe. You are making the mind as the journey continues. Can you experience a crisis? Who knows? Minimum, you have had the experience of the word crisis. Now, it will be known as awakening.

A new revelation that will be taking your game to the next level, eating well, getting healthy, being thankful for all that you have, and not moan, and complain about the things that you don’t have. Men can go through a “teenage-like rebellion” at a specific point in their lives. For men, the midlife crisis can cause either growth or destruction. You can look for the reasons for the unhappiness, then make decisions to address them. That’s growth. Alternatively, making impulsive decisions such as trading in the life for a relationship with a young person that ends or getting a car that you can’t afford. These sudden changes can make you feel unsettled.

Somehow, we believe still that all have to go through a mid-life crisis. Still, for many people who reach those milestone ages of 40 or 50, what they experience is an awakening actually. It’s an opportunity to eradicate old beliefs, and stereotypes. It’s a time to re-invent and to plot a better road for the future.

If there is a word that people totally overuse these says, it is the word “crisis”. There are economic crises, cultural crises, and all our personal crises. Instead of being something that happens for a certain reason, or occasionally via our lives, we almost believe that humans’ lives go in a permanent state of changes, and crises.

If we analyze this term then we’ll realize something. A crisis involves a temporary stage of disorganization. It means that a person cannot handle certain things with the methods that he has had up unless that moment. There’s also the threat of impending trauma. This trauma has to do with their expectations being threatened.

If we use this definition to the so mid-life crisis, then we realize that many points are not met fully. Or minimum not in the new generations of men, and women, who have got this milestone in their lives. These new generations are challenging the old-style ideas connected with this time of their lives. Instead, now we have to define it as “an awakening”. People want to accomplish something better. There is a positive re-invention in which they are strengthened as well as experience personal growth.

Does a mid-life crisis exist today?

In psychology, every stage of human existence involves various challenges and difficulties. The so-called development crises happen at specific times between childhood and old age where there are disturbances that jeopardize our identity, and sense of control. The person is obliged, they like it or not, to leave behind specific ideas and accept new realities. We have assumed that there are specific crises that are “predictable”, and an example is an adolescent. However, nowadays the mid-life crisis is undergoing changes that call its redefinition. Until not too long ago, going from the “summer” into “autumn” of our lives implied only one thing is accepting that our youth is behind us now, and changes are on their way. Changes that are aging, menopause, the kids leaving the nest, and losing our parents. Nowadays, we’re seeing it quite differently. The winds have now altered direction, and new ideas are coming.

Tips to go through the transition

You should say thanks for the things that you have already. Take time to be thankful for the parts of your life that can make you happy. Talk it over. Before you make decisions, discuss them with someone whose advice you trust, professionals and experts can give you another opinion on whether you are making sensible choices.

Be prepared to listen. It can be thought-provoking to listen to people who don’t agree with you or do not obey your thinking. If you hear that certain person who cares about you, that can help you. Moreover, you can learn something new. You should understand the subliminal and insidious influences.

Know what and who influences your life is vital. Everything that glitters is not gold. It is like sticking the hand in a hole and being bit by a snake. It is also meaningful to know who your friends are. Be aware that feelings are not commands. Since you feel like you need to escape your job, home or marriage does not mean that you have to do it actually. These feelings can point to problems that should be solved. But they can also fade or change with the passage of time. Ask whether your desires are realistic. You should think about whether you are prepared for it. That’s when disaster can hit. Work for your dreams and aims diligently. You can make many successful changes in your life. You can do it, but in the first place, you need to prepare your mind for it.

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