How to rebuild your self-confidence for dating in 50’s

Dating in the ’50s? Do we have enough self-confidence to do this?

Well, most of you ladies out there reading this article have definitely thought about the above question often in your life, right? You have also doubted your worth. And there’s nothing wrong with it! Because there’s a particular reason behind it!

Getting older makes you think that you are losing your confidence. You face multiple changes in your life events and in your body. As a result, you feel less attractive and unworthy of yourself. Ageism makes you lose your confidence mostly. It makes you believe that now you are getting old and can not do specific tasks, including dating. 

However, my friends, you must not fall into this trap because it will make you feel like crap! In fact, you’re getting older and wiser with time. And, accepting this fact will eventually help you in boosting your self-confidence. The more confident you will be, the more happy and sassy you will feel. And who doesn’t want to date and be around sassy women?  

I’ll be sharing in this article my thoughts and observations regarding how to rebuild your self-confidence for dating in the ’50s. 

Read on to discover some more facts about how to rebuild your self-confidence for dating in the ’50s.

Confidence and dating

Confidence and dating go hand in hand. If you don’t feel good about yourself, how will you make another person happy? We can say that in scientific terms, confidence and dating are directly proportional! If one thing is less, another will be less automatically.

How do changes in your body affect your dating life?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, changes in your body as you grow old truly affect your self-confidence and dating life. If you meet someone and do not truly feel yourself, it would be an unhealthy match. So, take out some, do your self-analysis and get into this game of dating with complete preparations! 

Following are the tips for embracing the dating experience with confidence:

Tell yourself that you are the best. 

Nobody knows you better than yourself! Also, you are the only person to tell yourself that you are the best person on this planet. This will help you a lot in boosting your self-confidence and excel in the world of dating. 

Take some time out for yourself. Go shopping to get some suitable clothes for your date. Book some spa appointments for you. Do whatever makes you happy and feel good about yourself. 

Take things at your own momentum.

Several times at the age of 50 and above, women are busy with their careers, jobs and they are more focused on that rather than dating. And that’s okay. You should take things at your own speed. 

Many women may have entered this dating game after a long time with many ups and downs and life struggles. So, setting the speed for your dating is not a good option. In fact, take out some time to sort things out about dating and your relationship. But, don’t drop everything in your life for the sake of dating only. 

Enjoy getting to know people.

It is challenging for women to trust themselves to find a new partner with whom they can spend their lives after a hard breakup or a divorce. It kind of builds pressure on you. 

So, instead of thinking too far, start with some new friendships and try to know more about new people. It may or may not turn into something more than friendship. Many women I’ve talked to say that women after 50 feel more confident while dating than their younger selves. Because they know them better now and it feels good to know new people!

It’s okay to feel nervous.

First of all, remind yourself that if you feel nervous on your date, even in your 50’s, it is no big deal. People of all ages feel nervous on their dates. 

Sometimes unknown life experiences can be turned into beautiful memories that you can cherish for your lifetime! But, still, if you feel that you are feeling nervous, then try some confidence-boosting body language on your date. 

Confidence boosting body language includes:

  • Power poses: There are generally two types of power poses, high power, and low power. In a high power pose, your body is open and relaxed, while a low power pose closes your body. So, trying a high-power pose will increase testosterone in your body. It is a natural confidence booster. 
  • Make eye contact: Eye contact is significant whether you are speaking with a professional person. Good eye contact gives a signal to other people that you are interested and comfortable. 
  • Watch your hand movement: Always remember that confident people don’t make their hand movement weird. If you touch your face and neck continuously, it will show that you are anxious and nervous. So, you have to be very careful about that. 

Dating sites or applications

One more misconception revolves around the use of dating app is only for the younger generation. The research was done in 2015 that 28% of the people who used the dating app mainly were of 45 and above age. 

Moreover, every year more and adults are entering the world of online dating. There are various dating sites and applications on the internet where you can make the selection according to your lifestyle and interest. 

There are also some rules that you must know before dating.

Rules for dating over 50

  1. Don’t overshare
    • Here’s the thing, whenever you go on a date with someone, try to limit your talk regarding your past life. It doesn’t bother me that you should not share anything because if you are dating someone you think is someone you can get along with, he must talk about you and your past. But, if you will overshare about life, he would probably think that you are not still over your ex-husband or boyfriend, which will put him off. So, limit what you share and make sure you have a positive spin on it!
  2. Don’t call him first
    • The second rule for dating over 50 is don’t call him unless he calls you. Let him call you first because men always know what they want. So, if they are interested in you, they will contact you. And always remember it is not a rejection. It is a redirection. Yes, repeat it again! It is not rejection. It is a redirection!
  3. Don’t be so picky
    • The third most important rule is don’t be so picky! Try to recall three nice things about that person you are dating. Something like the way he talks to the waiter or his punctuality. This will definitely make you smile!

Final words

I genuinely hope that the above article has helped you rebuild your self-confidence for dating in the ’50s. Always remember to take your time- Don’t rush things!

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