How to get fired up about your life again

Regain the power within, we all have it regardless of the circumstances.

We all tend to build our well-being around our life circumstances. When the circumstances don’t play out the way we expected, our well-being goes down the drain. Make your personal power the main pillar to support your wellbeing and well- living.

We tend to love our lives when things go well, and we usually blame what is going on in our lives or the discomfort or inconvenience that somebody else is “causing” as the cause of feeling stuck, sad, or just not doing well. This viewpoint is actually the root cause of losing our self-power and the clarity of knowing that our life results from how we choose to live it. I know you are already thinking, “well, let me tell you my story…what would you do with that?” The real problem is the starting point belief that many people share; that is how you define what a “good life” is. Most people would say that a good life is a smooth life when things go well overall. This is exactly the trap. Anything that brings hardship, more challenge than we are ready to face, or more pain than we are willing to endure comfortably goes against that “good life.” And when any of these things are experienced, we feel deflated, unmotivated, and start dragging our feet through life.

We resist, and it becomes worse.

What would happen if we changed the definition of what a good life is? What if the process of dealing with hardship was considered an enormous opportunity for growth and developing new skills? What if a good life was defined by the enriching, challenging, transformation-provoking circumstances that open infinite possibilities for becoming a stronger, more compassionate, and more resourceful person? What if we looked for change rather than avoiding change? What if we accepted certain wisdom in Life, which brings about the circumstances we need the most for a deeper sense of self and inner power? When we don’t exercise enough of our inner power, our lives become dull and uninteresting, But what is that power within all about? First and foremost, it has to do with the power of free will and the power to take action. The first instance to pay attention to using our power of free will is what we choose to make of what happens in our life that is not in our capacity to control. Do we feel a victims?  Do you see a possibility and opportunity?  What conversation do you start with yourself as you observe what happens?  These inner conversations are compelling, and we need to start looking deeply at what we tell ourselves and at what we answer.  

New possibilities open up

When we choose a new viewpoint to look at what happens, new possibilities for action open up.  Because new actions are open, new results are reachable.

Here there are a few things that I consider when looking into a path back to self-power and a life lived with enthusiasm, purpose, and serenity. Embrace crisis as an opportunity:  any crisis will bring the need to decide which way to go. Whether we see it as a danger or opportunity will define what comes next.  Please choose well. Allow disruption to be the source for new possibilities. Accept what happened in the past and what is happening in the present.  Only then you can direct your energy towards dealing with what is right now.  The energy used in resisting is huge; no wonder why we feel depleted and exhausted when dealing with unwanted circumstances. Stop living on auto-pilot: we get used to the “normal” and “not so bad” and over adapt. Until we –fortunately-decide we just can’t any longer. We also adapt to the good and comfortable until we realize we are living a dull life with no challenge and no growth. Stop blaming: the world, life circumstances, and others for not achieving what you want. Don’t give up your power to

Dare to know yourself: reconnect with your needs, values, non-negotiables. We often don’t even know what our character strengths are, and using them is a source of joy and power. What are yours? Knowing and owning your weaknesses also give you the power and a pathway for improvement and growth. Know and make peace with who you are. Don’t say yes when you want to say no.  The cost is high.

Start looking inside

Challenge your core beliefs. Ask yourself how these beliefs are serving you today. Beliefs are not true or false. They can be adopted or not.  How do your past experiences affect how you see your present and future? Don’t allow your past to mold your future.  Tomorrow can be different from yesterday and today. Be emotionally intelligent: our emotional state is mighty since it becomes the crystal through which we see life.  Train yourself in creating the emotional state that facilitates a positive outlook.  Reflect to get to the core of what inner conversation is triggering your emotions. Your inner conversation can be changed to trigger an emotion that fires up your day and, day after day, your life.

Live with passion

Commit to that person you want to become for yourself, for others, and the world.  Fall in love with it, and let that vision fire you up. Connect with others: Living with others is “complicated,” but we need each other.  Weaving our lives with other’s lives makes us more powerful also.  We are not self-sufficient (even if we believe we are). Learn to ask, request, offer help, offer value, cooperate, collaborate, commit, fulfill promises and ask others to fulfill theirs.  These are skills to learned to live better also.

Living is an art. We are the artists of our lives. We have to decide what our masterpiece will be all about and what we are going to create.

Look for the fire within

There is no one like you on this earth. So show up because the world needs you.  Don’t compare yourself with others.  Compare yourself with who you were 10, 5 years ago, last year, yesterday.  Every choice you make allows you to become different from yesterday’s you, a better you. We regain enthusiasm when we realize we have the power to turn the negative into positive. We own the power to choose. We live with purpose by defining how we want to live our lives at all times, independently of what happens in our lives.
We live with serenity when we learn to trust life and its wisdom and trust our inner power to live through it with gratitude. Gratitude is a “staple attitude” for a fired-up life. When we live with gratitude, we accept what is with ease, knowing that it is part of the scheme of life and the evolution process. We don’t waste energy resisting and getting angry. We don’t complain as it is totally un-fruitful and yields no result. Our heart is light and happy, our emotions serene and uplifting, and our mind positive.
Living is an art. We are the artists of our lives. We have to decide what our masterpiece will be all about and what we are going to create.


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Maria Wilson
Bio: ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified Coach Associate Certified Pranic Healer. Passionate about human relationships- starting with oneself – as a key element in our quest for a meaningful and happy life.
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