How to exercise in the heat: 10 tips to stay safe

Quick tips to stay safe while exercising this summer

Is that a Summer heat wave on the horizon? Maybe, maybe not but regardless the hot days of summer are here and that means that we need to take extra precautions as we workout in the sun. Use these tips to not only keep you on track on your fitness journey but to also keep you safe while you continue to crush your goals.

1. Workout before Noon

Opt to get in your workout before the sun is at its peak and the temperature is cooler. Plus, that gives you more time in the day to do something fun with the family! 

2. Drink more water 

Staying hydrated is always important but now that the hotter days of the year are here it is important to drink even more water. When working out in the heat I recommend drinking sips of water throughout your workout and/or having a cup of water every 15-30mins. This will help to keep you hydrated as you sweat. 

3. Add electrolytes to your water 

As you sweat you will lose valuable nutrients like potassium, sodium, and chloride that help to regulate your body. In the summer you will lose even more and faster as you workout in the heat. So do yourself a favor and add in an electrolyte supplement into your water to replenish these valuable nutrients. 

4. Wear loose clothing

This is an overlooked area but wearing loose fitting clothing during your workout will also help to keep your body cool by increasing air flow. Plus, do you really want your clothes to stick to you while you workout? 

5. Keep a Snack Handy

Be proactive in the chance that you may become dizzy or lightheaded mid workout by ensuring that you have a quick snack in your bag. Opt for some simple carbs like a piece of fruit to give you a boost of quick sugars.

6. Take it to the trails or a shaded area

Instead of training in direct sunlight opt to workout in a shaded area. That way you are getting all the Vitamin D benefits from the sun but also able to workout in an area that is a few degrees cooler. 

7. Wear Sunblock

Load up on the SPF to prevent sunburn and the risk of sun-related skin cancers. 

8. Opt for shorter workouts

To limit sun exposure and overheating, make your workouts shorter. Try a 15-20minute HIIT session instead of a traditional 60-90minute workout. 

9. Take a dip in the pool

Have a pool? Try jumping in before your workout to help cool down your body temperature prior to your workout. Then after your workout, rinse off and go for a swim!

10. Work out with a buddy

To be on the safe side, workout with a buddy just in case anything goes wrong. It’s always better to have someone nearby to help you if you are in need than to be alone and struggling! 

Your goals are what you make them but we always want to opt on the side of caution when training in the warmer months. So be sure to implement these tips as you air on the side of caution while continuing your fitness journey this summer. 

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