How Do I Know If I Am Spiritual?

Do you feel disconnected from a higher source?

Spirituality is not a religion nor is it something we can go to a store and buy. Spirituality is the essence that’s with in us, it’s tapping into a higher power as a life source of fluid good energy to help keep us centred when life is challenging. Our spirituality can help us focus on the joy and gratitude in our life.

Spirituality is not a religion nor is it something we can go to the shops and buy!

It is an essence within us the life force and lifeline.

So, the answer is we all are spiritual the question should be why do I not accept it!

Often one will feel like a square peg in a round hole as principles and morals will differ from family and peers.

Or we will be being brought up in a very or non-religious household.

I know when I used to say to my mother about different things that I was seeing that she would say it was just your imagination.

Accepting that we are more than human – we are indeed beings being human is hard for we see the adverts, read the different media posts and believe that we need to act, dress or be saying things in a certain way.

It isn’t hip or cool to be different.

You may like to take time out to be alone unable to explain when asked why this is so!

My own mother used to say she would be happy living in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours for miles – I didn’t understand this and she wasn’t aware of her own spirituality either!

Those of us who are spiritually awakened know that we can feel another’s pain, we can even sense a person’s presence without them even mentioning our name – how often have you had a thought about someone and then walked around the corner to see them there or the phone to ring with them being on the other end when answered?

Many will think you weak as you walk away from conflict choosing not to judge!

For as you connect more to the spiritual essence within you begin to fill more and more with love, compassion and kindness for your kindred spirits even those who’ve yet to accept that they are!

A connection with nature will emerge as that which once was seen in black and white takes on a new colour.

Spiritually is accepting you for who you are and others for who they are it isn’t about not asking questions or accepting things blindly it is about knowing that we are who we are and anything that we find as an imperfection is something that we need to work upon whether we see it in ourself or another!

It is as if a magic wand has been waved when we do accept that essence for, we begin to listen, watch and learn before speaking, we look beneath the layers knowing that like an onion the more layers we remove the sweeter is that within.

Spirituality isn’t a badge or medal it is you being the best that you can be the authentic self!

Being able to look in the mirror and say (Name) I love you

It is about being honest with oneself and with those around you not in a way that will hurt but in a way that will give understanding.

It is about looking at the other point of view in situations.

About trusting your gut rather than your head and heart.

It is about faith, love and trust not in anything other than the Universe and yourself and allowing that to overflow.

Not looking down on another unless it is to help them up.

Knowing that we are all on a journey and therefore will be at different stages making nobody right or wrong with their understanding or ours it’s just that they/we are on a higher or lower stage of the journey that continues for enmity.

It’s about questioning and accepting that sometimes we will not find an answer.

It’s about feeling safe and feeling loved.

It isn’t about the number of books on the bookshelf it is about the knowledge within our hearts and not being scared to share this with another not to boost our ego or to make us feel good but to show that we understand their situation and to encourage them with love to move on.

It’s about wanting world peace and knowing that alone you may not stop the wars but you can allow the peace within you to ripple out.

It is about having boundaries, being able to know when to say yes and when to say no.

It isn’t about quoting scriptures and yet it is about retelling stories.

It is about wanting to create a better place to leave our children.

It is knowing that we are that being human that we are here as are all for that purpose it is wanting to explore and reconnect to that essence within us.

It is knowing that no matter what race, creed or religion we are all from one source that together we make up the fuller picture and that unless we begin to work together there will be no place on earth that we can call home!

For as we awaken, we just feel that difference we understand why things have been and begin to live with an understanding that brings us peace and harmony!

Know that you are enough!

Know that you are worthy!

Know that no matter what you are loved!

We are all far more than flesh and bones!

Look in the mirror and see if you can say (Name) I love you and know that you are on the road to awakening where you can listen to your soul,

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