How Feelings of Self-Worth is Connected to Your Sacral Chakra

By understanding the connection between your Sacral Chakra and self-worth is where your life truly opens up. When you connect deeply to your feminine power, you find confidence within yourself as a woman.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take it back to the basics. As humans, we have 3 different planes of being: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual/energetic. This article will focus only on the energetic plane as that is where our chakra system lives.

Our chakra system includes 7 chakras from the base of your spine to the top of your head. It includes from bottom to top: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye, and crown. Some say we have over 100 chakras, but these are the 7 energy healers focus on as they have a direct connection to your physical & mental well-being. 

Now let’s get into the juicy stuff!

The sacral chakra is located just below your belly button, right where your uterus is. This chakra is orange in color and governs your reproductive system as well as pieces of your digestive system. It also plays in your creativity, pleasure, feminine/masculine energy balance, feminine power, and, you guessed it, self-worth. 

When you struggle with self-worth, creativity, pleasure, etc., it can reflect an imbalance sacral. It can also be reflected in hormonal imbalances on the physical level as well. The energetic body will speak to you on all levels to get your attention. 

When you struggle with self-worth, creativity, pleasure, etc., it can reflect an imbalance sacral.

When it comes to self-worth, as women, we have two power centers: the solar plexus and the sacral. The solar plexus is all about your purpose & personal power, whereas the sacral is about your feminine power & connection to your womb. 

As women over the years & through our life experiences (past or present), as we disconnect more from our sacral, we may experience less self-worth. The reason is when we don’t trust ourselves, trust our bodies, lack control, lack safety, etc., all stem from low self-worth.

Self-worth is the undeniable confidence & trust you have within yourself. What I see in my clients is this undeniable confidence being broken by unresolved trauma. This can be anything from sexual assault to a boy calling you fat in high school. The body still response the same no matter the trauma as when we tend to store our trauma in our gut & womb space. 

The way to begin exploring your self-worth is to date yourself again. 

Rediscover who YOU are because you are more than just a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and so on. By dating, you discover what you like, what you dislike, how you want to show up, what style you like, what your truth is, and that all encompasses self-worth. 

Self-worth is your confidence & trust in your authentic self & 100% backing her no matter what others may think. As you build this relationship with yourself, you will see your sacral begin to balance out. 

This can be seen by the ease in menopausal symptoms, elimination of PMS, weight loss, and so on because as you let yourself be, your body can feel safe to release what no longer serves it. 

To explore your self-worth and sacral chakra more, check out the 5 Ways to Build Your Self-Worth Through Your Sacral Chakra guide below for tangible tips!

Before I sign off, I want to say that as you do this inner work, please be gentle with yourself as the worst thing you can do is put pressure on your mind, body, & soul to perform a certain way. You are exactly where you need to be.

Thank you so much for reading!

5 Ways to Build Your Self-Worth Through Your Sacral Chakra

Download the 5 Ways to Build Your Self-Worth Through Your Sacral Chakra & unleash the authentic version of you! You will discover 5 tangible ways to begin exploring your self-worth by supporting your sacral chakra. 

Sara B
Heey, my name is Sara B, and I am a certified holistic health coach, energy healer, and founder of Sara B Wellness. What lights me up is helping women ignite their confidence & speak their truth without shame or guilt! I found my passion through my journey to having chronic IBS and was frustrated with what the doctors and therapists were telling me. Working with a holistic practitioner gave me the physical results I wanted (buh-bye bloating), but I still wasn’t radiating confidence like I expected to be. That is when energy healing, brain rewiring, & trauma work changed my life because even though I healed the physical root of my symptoms, I never touched the energetic root cause. Many of us forget that any physical issue is our bodies asking us to slow down & do the work because every issue, whether it’s IBS, PMS, etc., all stem from energetic imbalances, trapped emotions, and unresolved trauma. I hope through my content, you can begin doing the work yourself, seeking support as needed, and living your life authentically. Otherwise, you will find my boyfriend and I in a small town in Western Massachusetts taking care of our plant babies, eating sushi, sipping matchas, and exploring what New England has to offer. Podcast – Sara B IBS Expert | Energy Heale
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