Gifts for your new love

Gifts for your new love interest

Hey now!!! Love is in the air!!!  I have some hot new gift ideas for your new love interest!! Let’s explore creative gift choices along with the traditional gift choices. What are your love interest’s likes and dislikes? I think it’s a good time to explore and pay attention to the details.  Use all manner of listening skills to capitalize on those most meaningful gift choices. 

The most practical way to choose a gift is to know your lover’s likes and dislikes.  You can always ask the question or say, I want to bless you with a gift. Would you mind giving me some ideas and choices that would be a blessing to you.  I know it sounds very direct and to the point; however, when you are dealing with a man, remember that they are very practical and straightforward. It will most likely flatter him that you are thinking of blessing him in this way.   Music is a universal language.  Find out the type of music he likes and record sweet nothings to him with his favorite tunes in the background.  You can send this by email or text, creating a memoir of the gift.  You can find his favorite artist or make a slide show of pictures of his children (if he has them).  He will absolutely love this.  Then he has a gift to pass on to his children when they get older.

Traditional gift options are gift cards, especially to favorite food places.  How about a new remote control for the bedroom or living room TV?  A new wallet, black leather gloves, a Hallmark card with cash inside.  A belt, his favorite team’s memorabilia, a goody bag with all his favorite snacks. Think of his favorite cologne, a watch, toolset, or a favorite team hat just to name a few. Depending on how long your new love has been in your life, hopefully, you have picked up on some wants or desires he might want by just listening to him during a conversation.  Ex: One of my sons was over today. We were having a casual conversation about a firestick streaming device.  He mentioned that he let his dad borrow his, and now it can’t be found.  He also made a comment about the Apple TV device.  I now have two different gift ideas for Christmas presents just by listening to the details of our conversation.  So, this is very easy to do if you let the person do most of the talking.  You will get all types of clues to help you with gift ideas.  

Google is your Friend and Pinterest is a great resource.  My advice when using the internet is to look beyond the first page of the search and check the Google ratings; going at least 4.7 or higher is a good rule of thumb.  

Spending time together is always the goal of new lovers. Thus, duet gifts are always a plus.  Mani and Pedi gift certificates are popular.  Or a spa day (or alternatively a couples massage) for two that can be purchased and used within a one-year time frame.  Due to Covid-19, this type of gift will have some restrictions.  However, they are a good gift idea for any occasion. Getting creative is such an amazing way to spontaneously gift your lover.  Love sprinkles him at work or his home one evening.  Surprise him with new car mats for his vehicle.  Take him out and cover the whole tab… pay a limo service to cruise around for an hour and be very sensual while in the back seat <3.  Buy a cleaning service for his home for two hours.  Let him watch his sports on Sunday without any interruption. Ask him what is the one thing he needs from you the most and work on making that happen as often as you can.  Get him and one of his male friend tickets to a professional home game if it is allowed in your state.  Flights are really low in price right now.  Buy a weekend getaway for the both of you. Make it a no social media weekend – only calls to children or for immediate family emergencies.  

I have enjoyed sharing gift ideas for your new love interest.  Please take any idea and add your own pizazz to it.  The most important gift is the gift of love itself. Opening your heart and your life to someone new is a very beautiful and vulnerable place to be.  I pray you enjoy your lover this holiday season.  Remember that you chose thy love, now love thy choice.  


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