Five affordable ideas to celebrate the 4th of July

Snap crackle pop! Five ideas that will put a bang in 4th of July celebration.

Summer is here and that means family bbq’s, outdoor fests, and fourth of July celebrations. Here are five budget friendly ideas to celebrate this holiday

This summer is coming in HOT with restrictions being lifted, a sense of normalcy seems to be returning. I am sure I am not alone when I say- I can’t wait to host a season of summer bbq’s with family and friends. Ideas are flooding my head to celebrate the 4th of July this year, what will this holiday look like? Regardless of how we celebrate we have incorporated five ideas to keep the festivities rolling even on a budget. 

Host a traditional bbq potluck

A potluck event is a meal in which every guest brings food to the events and it’s shared with other invited guests. It is a great way for friends and family to come together and have a party. It also offers relief for the person hosting the event because the stress and expense of organizing are removed.

All dishes should be prepared in advance and brought to the venue. The recipes do not need to be exotic. Handed down recipes are the most preferred.

To avoid people from bringing the same things, break down the meal contribution into categories. They include appetizers, main dishes, salads, desserts, beverages and more. Often the host will make the main dish but it is not a rule that is cast on stone.

Keep a track of what each of your guests will bring to note the categories that will need contribution. Each guest can be given two categories so that they can choose something that they can conveniently contribute.

Make sure to have an accurate headcount to allow people to plan accordingly. Send out invites and create a list of the total number of attendees. Create an online signup form with guest names and assigned categories.

Everyone should have visibility to reduce the chances of an overlap. Lastly, have a potluck theme that allows the guest to decide what they will make. It will give them direction as well as allow them to be creative.

Remember not to pay all the attention to the food and forget the drinks! Every party needs drinks, potluck included. They are a fun addition that keeps everyone happy and hydrated. Fortunately, there is no limitation to the number of drinks that can be brought.

However, while bringing alcoholic beverages, it is important to also include non-alcoholic drinks for the kids and teetotallers. Add punches, lemonade slushies with a twist to add variety to the already existing drinks.

Watch fireworks for free

When one thinks about July 4, fireworks come to mind. The cost of these can be very high and still have nothing to show for it at the end of the night. That said, you do not need to miss out on the show. Instead of buying fireworks, look for places near your home that are displaying the fireworks and watch for free.

Sometimes, even the rooftop of your home can be an ideal place to watch the fireworks light up the skyline. With the Covid-19 pandemic, many fireworks displays have been cancelled. Communities have to come up with new ways to commemorate the holiday.

Virtual events are being organized where people will watch the online shows through live streaming and small groups so as to meet social distancing rules. Alternatively, you can organize a family day and watch some shows from the safety and comfort of your home.

Some of the shows that you can watch include, ‘The Bacchae’, ‘Pacific Symphony’, ‘Virtual July 4’and more. Even though this may be a less obvious way to celebrate 4th July, you will still have some good family time.

If you are a lover of DIY, you can light up the sky by setting the fireworks off by yourself. Get fireworks at good prices or look out for good deals. Although firework injuries are not common, remember to follow instructions. Do not allow children to use the devices unsupervised.

Remember to be considerate about noise because individuals with Autism, PTSD, babies and pets may become scared by the noise. Residential areas and hospitals are not ideal places to set off fireworks.

Backyard camping for the kids and adults

This is also called glamping which is camping with more access to the comfort and luxuries of home. There is something adventurous camping. Pack all essentials that you will need by taking the stock of what you have at home.

Then create a checklist of the items that you will need and do not forget to pack extra batteries for your torch and lanterns. Take advantage of the holiday to go outside, make some good food, relate tales around a fire or play games.

Have a family soccer or tennis tournament to keep everyone entertained all day. Add various prizes for winners. Schedule fun 4th of July themed crafts for entertainment breaks during the tournaments. The biggest benefit of camping is access to open space and outdoors.

There are a lot of activities that you can engage in. Apart from family soccer, there are lawn games to play e.g. Kubb, a Scandinavian game whose objective is to knock over wooden blocks also called Kubbar by throwing batons at them. It is simply a combination of bowling and horseshoe.

There are a lot of advantages associated with camping. Stress reduction is one of them as you leave the overbooked schedule behind and there is nothing competing for your attention.

You get to enjoy the fresh air, build relationships, eat good food, connect with nature and more. You will also develop new skills which are unavoidable as long as you are out camping. You will learn how to set up tents, tie knots or start a fire, which are great skills to develop, but we rarely get a chance to do that.

Visit historic landmarks

There is no better way to honour the history of a great country than by visiting monuments and landmarks. Monuments commemorate both historic events as well as natural wonders. There are many historic monuments in the National Park System that serve as a reminder of the country’s social, cultural, political and military history.

There are a lot of advantages to visiting a historic site. Apart from increasing your knowledge, it gives you pleasure; pleasure that helps you get relief from a busy schedule of life. You get the chance to explore new things. It is also a good way of expressing your patriotism to your country.

Some of the must see historic landmarks include;

Independent Hall in Philadelphia which is one of the most important sites. This is the place where the USA declared independence from Britain on 4th July 1776. The hall is also a part of the Independence National Historic pack that includes other sites like congress hall.

Visitors choose from a variety of guided tours, outdoor and indoor activities. Just across the road is Liberty Bell Centre which is the only museum devoted to the US constitution and the story of its people. It is also considered one of the world’s most recognisable symbols of freedom.

Make decorations with the family

DIY has become so popular. Pinterest has increased our choices and we all head there to get ideas on colours and designs. If you have a material and you want to make a dress out of it, you head over to Pinterest to see what other people are making.

Have plans and ideas for the 4th of July that express your love for your country. This is the time of the year when you fearlessly express your patriotic emotions. Look for DIY patriotic decorations and crafts that will make you love and appreciate your country more.

Learn how to turn an ordinary pallet to a beautiful flag sign. Make patriotic wreath banners and other times. You will be amazed at the number of items that you can hand make from the comfort of your home. Some of these will transform your living space in an amazing way.

From the large number of family and friends, to the hot weather, mouth-watering barbecues and colourful fireworks lighting up the skyline, 4th July is the perfect holiday during the summer.

Not only is it a national holiday but also a day for people to celebrate with friends and loved ones. Having fun on this day is almost a requirement because of all the fun activities that take place.

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