Career goal settings in our mid-forties for 2022

What should be the career goal settings in your mid-forties for 2022?

After the first two of the four phases of a woman’s career, the forties are typically a wake-up call – to grow up, get another life, a job you care about, the love you deserve, or for the purpose you crave. You can say women want to re-accelerate their careers because the perspective of what they desire in the profession changes after the mid-forties. Now, they prefer a more balanced position in their lives than high profiles! 

In your mid-forties

Most of the women have a tremendous 30’s period. They earn unique positions at their work. Moreover, please start a new family or complete their family. You can say that everything fits as the right piece of the puzzle in life! 

Along with the above things you achieve in life, it is also vital to focus on your career goals. As you are in your mid-forties, you should stay active mentally and physically! Because you never want to lose your competitive edge, right? Considering you still have a good 20 years of work ahead of you! So why not! 

Do one thing before reading this article further. Write down the list of the career goals you want to achieve in the year 2022. Then, print and paste them somewhere on your vision board or places you regularly visit in your home. Believe me! It will constantly remind you of your career goals, and you will never be distracted! 

How to set career goals for 2022?

While setting your career goals for 2022 in your mid-forties, keep one thing in mind. Be realistic! Various research shows that people are constantly frustrated because of the wrong choices of career. It doesn’t mean they don’t love their selection of careers, but they lack development and growth. My suggestion to all my lady friends is to set goals that will also lead you to development and growth in your career and life! 

If you are in your mid-forties, then there is a wide variety of career choices for you out there. Since you got rich past work experience, it will help you figure out which career goal you want to tackle next, including a career shift at this time of age. 

Decide where you want to go?

The first and vital question while setting your career goals is to sit back and ANALYZE your current career situation. And after self-reflection, asks yourself the following questions:

  1. Where do you want to get by the end of the year? 
  2. Do you want to work in the same field?
  3. Are you satisfied with your current situation?
  4. The career right now is motivating you or disturbing?
  5. If you desire the change in your career, should it be drastic or just a subtle one?

The above questions will help you in self-analyzing yourself. It is the first step towards setting your career goals.  

For instance, you have decided to make a career shift to experience a new fresh phase of your life. There are a lot of new jobs or things you can do. 

Try something new

You can try something unique that you did before and always wanted to do! It will give a new and fresh direction to your career. Also, help you to stay creative in your life. It could be anything from being an entrepreneur to an investor or a teacher. Yes! You always wanted to teach kids but never had a chance. So, why not now! You can do this!

You can get a mentor.

It is not an unusual thing to get a mentor at this stage of life. A mentor will help you move forward in life and achieve your career goals by giving you some leadership advice. Your mentor could be anyone senior in position or experience from you with whom you can have lunch or coffee sometimes and discuss their career paths. It will help you to think from a broader perspective!

Become a mentor

By the age of mid-forties, you have gained enough knowledge and experience that you can give back to society in so many ways by becoming a mentor yourself! For example, you can share some insights with your fellow workers with less experience to achieve their career goals. 

The feeling of helping others fulfil their life goals that are somehow related to you is a sign of fulfilment. 

Enroll yourself in advance certifications

If you want to progress in your career, especially in your corporate job, getting enrolled in different certifications is very important. 

It doesn’t mean you have to go back to school again. It’s just like adding another start in your skills to your resume. You can select different courses like, google analytics or any coding system. Any class that can help you in your career to take to the next level!

Pursue your passion

Most of you women will agree with me that whatever jobs we do in our lives don’t allow us to follow our passions completely. Most of us want to do something that excites us, like running our own small business or maybe something else, which is not possible in a 9 to 5 office job! 

So, our passion matters. And at this age, you can pursue your passion without any guilt so that you won’t have any regrets for your whole life.

Be ready for a change

Change is essential in life. And you know what is more important? Know the reason for the difference. It would help if you self-evaluated yourself. If you are not happy at your current place or satisfied with it, change that place. Don’t be scared of the change. It’s not too late!

Keep up with the technology

Just imagine you are sitting in a room full of youngsters discussing some new apps or using different technical terms that you don’t know. And you feel like a stupid older person in the room.

So, save yourself from such situations by keeping yourself up to date with new technology. Building your technical skills will help you to stay on top!

Final words

Setting your career goals for the upcoming year not only helps you in your career ahead. But it also gives a purposeful start to you that there are some goals that you have to achieve!

I hope the above article is helpful for you! I’m sure it will help you set your career goals in the mid-forties for the upcoming year!

Lots of love to all women out there. Who are powerful and full of positive energy!

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