Acupuncture for headaches

Have you considered acupuncture for headaches and chronic migraines? Take a gander below and decide for yourself.

Acupuncture as a preventative treatment

In 2018 the National Health Interview Survey indicated women were twice as likely to experience a severe headache or margarine than men. Besides, The Migraine Research Foundation reports one out of every four women will experience a migraine headache. The good news is research for the treatment of headaches has revealed that acupuncture treatment can relieve headache pain and play a role in its prevention. 

Qi(chee) energy and headaches

Headache pain is a common complaint of new patients seeking relief through acupuncture’s natural medicine.  A thorough intake of patient history that details the pattern of headache onset and occurrence is the start of assessing patient care. Most patients who suffer from chronic headaches are well aware of the triggers and specificities regarding their headache pain. If a patient has not connected with these particulars, a detailed monthly journal outlining this information must bring the patient greater awareness of habits and lifestyle. Questions regarding pain such as time of day, month, and year; before or after menstruation; after consumption of certain foods or diet; the level of hydration; lifestyle including stress; and environmental and climate considerations are all important clues that, when answered, can not only pinpoint the root cause of headaches providing a proper treatment plan but also aid tremendously in a plan of prevention to headache sufferers. 

The physical examination from your Acupuncturist uncovers the location of the pain. It provides insight into the involved meridian and organ system that may be causing an imbalance in your body, resulting in a headache. The meridians refer to the channels of energy, or Qi (Chee), that run throughout the body. The channel location is specific to an organ system relationship stemming from the Theory of the Five Elements. These meridians can have stuck energy or stagnation that interrupts the smooth flow of Qi in the body. With headaches, these meridians are located specifically on the head and neck. By rebalancing and restoring the flow of Qi through specific needle placement, headache pain can be alleviated. A common treatment for headaches is to treat the headache locally. We will choose Acupuncture points that are on and around the area of pain. It is also common to treat your headache by using acupuncture points at the end of the meridian that starts on the head and includes acupuncture points from the end of the channel, located on your feet. This is one approach, but there are others as well. There also are designated points on the body that are used specifically for headache pain. One well-known acupuncture point to treat headaches is in the web between your thumb and index finger, LI 4 (large intestine). You can pinch this tissue and apply your own acupressure treatment and stimulate the point when in need. 

Natural medicine, and a different pillow can change your world

There are many causes of headache pain, and an individual assessment is always necessary to develop a successful treatment plan for each patient. Trauma to the head and neck can cause a disruption of energy in the channel. Your sleep positioning, pillow size, and mattress all can affect your quality of sleep and leave you waking up in the morning with a stiff neck and headache. Your computer or workstation that focuses on sitting posture should also be evaluated, assuring proper ergonomics. It is very common to have headaches and facial pain caused by unrealized drafts such as a ceiling fan, air conditioner, or breeze from an open window. Becoming more aware of your environment’s influence plays a large role in treatment and prevention in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even Climate, such as the damp cold seasons of Wisconsin, plays a significant role in the health and illness presentation. Lifestyle habits of stress, diet (fast food, processed food), and even cell phone habits can play a significant role in headache presentation.

Adding the natural medicine of acupuncture and a proactive healthy lifestyle that includes reducing and managing stress, incorporating meditation/relaxation and exercise such as Qi gong, and providing consumption of fresh real whole food all satisfy the nourishment your body craves. Initiating health improvements of your own is very fulfilling, AND all are totally free! Take an active role in your own health by making positive changes in your life today that impact your health and well-being tomorrow. Changes can be small at first but still have a tremendous impact. Start today! 

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Karla Knauf
Karla A. Knauf. Nationally Board Certified in Acupuncture (NCCAOM), Licensed Acupuncturist (Lac, WI), Pursuing Diplomate in Acupuncture (NCCAOM). Areas of interest: anxiety/stress management, insomnia, emotional balance in teens and women, Qi Gong, guided meditation, energy healing, crystals, and essential oils. Hobbies include kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, Qi Gong cooking, and meditation. Lives in Wisconsin with her husband and two children.
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