5 steps to implement into your self-care routine after 40

Here’s five steps to consider implementing in your self-care routine

Does your self-care ritual need to be tweaked? It’s something many women have to consider once we hit 40, not only does our skin require a little more tlc but our bodies do as well. Implementing these five steps can overhaul your emotional and physical wellbeing. Here are five steps to consider implementing into your self-care routine after 40. 

The famous quote like slow and steady wins the race, and haste makes waste: it is said many ways, but the lesson will always remain the same. Making a change for the better, whether it’s about a new diet, getting more steps in the day, keeping the home organized, or working on the relationships — demands a long-term commitment. How can you start? By taking small steps, obviously. By making small changes in your day, you’ll find that you feel healthy, happy, and ready for anything.

Age 40 is a milestone when the risk of various health conditions surges. This makes the perfect time for taking care of your health, said experts. Whether people have jobs, aging parents, growing children, or all these, it is quite easy to put health or self-care aside. But 40 is the time to assess your wellbeing and to plan for the long run. Self-care is a concept that is gaining more momentum over the last decade. However, it has gained new meaning in 2020; a year in which the corona pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives, unsettling how we live and work on a day-to-day basis while also affecting how we see the future. In combination, these situations have brought an exclusive set of challenges to mental health and wellbeing.

Self-care activities let us take time out of our normal routine to foster ourselves, comfort ourselves, and give space to reflect on our thoughts, all of which will let us keep a sense of equilibrium that will make sure we stay well enough to care for others. If put it other way, self-care activities can permit us to get a balance between the demands that are on us, like taking care of children, food shopping, actively listening to a friend who is stressed, and managing a worrying situation at work. In short, all those things that can cause suffering or stress to us, and the actions we take to make sure that we don’t overstretch ourselves in ways that can make us unwell. As we are all individuals, the things that can give us moments of calm and psychological sustenance vary, and as a result, our self-care practices will differ also. The important thing is to think about the things that find balance and think about the goals for your self-care routine, as this can help you choose those activities that will be most useful to you. 

Below are some important steps to a self-care routine after 40.

Know your numbers

The age of 40 is a very good time to look into the numbers for blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and body weight. People should know what their cholesterol level is, and if they did not check these before age 40, then they should. When you visit a pharmacy, then take time to get the blood pressure measured and visit the doctor to get a blood sugar test. Knowing these kinds of numbers will help you and the doctor recognize potentially hidden disease risk factors. For example, people who have high blood pressure are at high risk of heart disease and kidney failure.

Pay Attention to the Emotional Health

As we live our lives, we experience many hardships. These hardships can leave us with scars that cannot be seen. When they are unaddressed, these can affect our relationship with other people and our relationship with ourselves. They shape how we will see the world, and they can stop you from living life to the fullest. You should consider meeting with a counselor to talk about struggles you’ve had to overcome. Get open about it with a reliable friend. It’s not so easy, but by addressing these problems, you will gain an understanding of yourself and a deep appreciation for the world around you. Another method you can try is to write a letter. Whether this is to some person you love, someone you lost or who hurt you, or someone you hurt, writing a letter is a good way to process deep feelings and find release, even if you send it or not.

Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins are essential at any age, even when you think you are hitting all your bases with what you are consuming. As per the studies, it’s better to look at those pills as an insurance policy against a deficient diet. You will get everything that you require to protect the body with minimal effort.

Always Eat Breakfast

Most days, it can be easy to skip breakfast than taking enough time to make it, but this is the habit you should adhere to: Some studies have revealed that first meal is important for your health, and 2014 research that was published in Nutrition Journal discovered that it could play a key role in controlling your cravings during the day, helping with weight loss or being healthy overall.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Working out is great for your body, and there are various reasons you should do it daily. Aside from making you in shape, it can also make you feel younger: One study in the journal Preventive Medicine found people who have higher levels of activity have younger cells than those who do not—by a whopping 9 years.

Avoid Processed Foods

Americans eat processed food in a large quantity, and you have probably noticed that how crappy you feel after eating one pasta or cans of soup. Make it a habit to eat more plants. When you get those additives and sugars out of your life, you’ll feel energized and youthful.

Write Down What You are Grateful For

This can look like a pointless habit that you already know what you’re grateful for, after all, but there is something special when you write it. Every night before bed, grab the notebook and note down 3 things you are thankful for, and you’ll go to sleep feeling loved.

Spend Time Doing a Hobby

When you spend all your time working, it’s better to devote some time every day to yourself. Whether it is some painting or knitting or reading or doing a crossword, the choice is yours. Just focus on things that make you happy and helps you de-stress.

Start Your Day with an Affirmation

Saying words like “you are powerful” or “you are beautiful” in the mirror before work can feel funny, but it can do great. People swear affirmations to enhance self-confidence or make them feel energized and ready to take on the day, so why do you not give it a try?

Avoid Sugar 

Maybe it is the sugar that you add to your coffee or others. Either way, sugar is everywhere, and reducing is a great habit to get into. Experts only recommend five teaspoons a day for women and nine for men, which is a lot less than the 22 daily teaspoons that most adults use. And when you reduce it, you can also decrease everything from acid reflux and migraines to fatigue.

Eat Mostly Plants

A good habit to get into is eating more diet plants. That means rather than the processed junk, you’re reaching for fruits and vegetables and adhering to the produce section at the market. Certainly, it’s not as exciting, but with a lot of vitamins and nutrients you’ll take in, you’ll do a great service for your body, and it will make you stay healthy and feeling fantastic.

Drink 8 Glasses of Water

Aside from getting lemon water and water before meals, focus on drinking all during the day, too. As per to the Mayo Clinic, women should drink 2.7 liters a day while men need to have 3.7. And when you give the body what it needs, you will keep all the systems and joints working properly and ensure the body stays hydrated and feeling top-notch.

Go to Bed Early

It’s hard to go to bed early, but it’s great for the body. Make it your habit to sleep at a specific time every night, and you will be feeling better.  Getting the appropriate amount of sleep will prevent everything from low energy, drowsiness, and irritability to changes in the personality. Yeah, sleeping at night is serious business.

Stay Active Throughout the Day

It’s hard to find a moment to get away from work, but taking mini-breaks during the day is a habit is a must for your health. Having time to walk around will get your blood flowing, giving you energy, a boost of creativity, and that is merely great for your body, but also for your work.

Have a Positive Attitude

It pays if you have a positive attitude in life. Making it your habit not only makes your heart healthy and improves your mental health, but it also helps you stay young longer. A 2016 study in the journal Personality and Individual Differences discovered being positive ages you at a slower pace than those who are pessimistic.

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