5 Outdoor Workouts to get the most out of spring!

What do outdoor workouts look like?

Consistent warmer weather is upon us and after being stuck inside through the Covid pandemic now is the time to take those home workouts outside.

These five workouts will be your go-to prescription for “ Fun in the sun” plus you won’t even need equipment. These workouts will be all that you need to get your heart rate up, get the serotonin flowing, and feel accomplished once you are done. You definitely will want to bookmark this article and possibly even print it off to post on your fridge because they are just ‘that’ great.

1. Take it to the Stairs

This is a super fun exercise that will give your legs and bum a workout. The good thing is that it will help to lift the bum BUT if you plan to wear heels, reconsider this one for another day. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

Start at the bottom of the stairs and as fast as you can head to the top of them. Once you reach the top perform 15 squats. Then as fast and as carefully as you can head back down to the bottom. At the bottom perform 14 squats. After performing the 14 squats take a 30-60 second break and repeat but this time perform 13 squats at the top of the stairs. You will continue this routine until you make it to 1 squat. If you follow the rotation correctly you will end up with 1 squat on top of the stairs so be sure to celebrate like Rocky and be proud of yourself for making it through the workout. 

P.S. Be sure to save a little celebration energy to get back down the stairs *wink wink*

2. Take it to the Track

Don’t worry this workout will not involve you running like a bat out of hell. Those days for the majority of us are long gone and unless a wild animal is behind you don’t feel compelled to run just because you are on the track. 

Walk all of the curved portions of the track or if you are a little more advanced feel free to jog them. On the straight-aways make it fun. Do walking lunges, squat then take 3 steps, back peddle, skip, high knees, or even butt kicks. OR you can choose to do stationary exercises of 10-20reps of squats, pulsing lunges, jumping jacks, cross jacks, push-ups, mountain climbers, plank jacks, or even dropping into a plank and holding it for as long as possible. No matter what exercises you choose, make it fun. This one provides a lot of variety so switch it up each time you go! 

3. Head to the Zoo

You are probably thinking “ What the hell… the zoo?” but hear me out. This is a way to workout without even thinking about it. Last month, I went to the zoo and walked a total of 12,000+ steps. I nearly thought my apple watch was lying but then the next day I woke up with sore legs and knew that it was because of all of the steps I took the day before. So wear comfortable shoes, grab the kiddos and make a day of it. There are three great things that happen here:

  1. making memories with your family
  2. You getting an amazing workout without thinking about it 
  3. The kiddos falling asleep early from also being so tired from walking This is the biggest win of them all, am I right?

4. Take it to the Pool

I get it, you wanna relax poolside…. But how about doing a full-body workout in the pool then relaxing poolside and getting the best of both worlds? 

You can easily burn a ton of calories by doing a pool workout and you don’t even have to be the best swimmer! Start by walking laps in the pool in a zig-zag fashion until you reach the other end or to the edge of the deep in (depending on what pool you are using). Do this again until you are back at your original starting point. Then perform 20 squats, 20 wall push-ups, and with your hands open/fingers together press against the water to perform tricep kickbacks. Let the water serve as your resistance. Other things you can do would be doggie paddling, high knees, or butt kicks for 3 rounds of 20-30seconds. 

5. Head to the Beach

Depending on where you are in the world this may not be possible but if you are one of the lucky ones and it’s hot head to the beach. This is perfect when you want to get a head start on your tan and are single wanting to scoop out some other cuties on the beach! If you are feeling extra spicy and confident, give a few waves to people, you never know what may happen :). 

This workout is one of those “ I didn’t even realize I worked out workouts”  again. It only involves walking on the beach. The thing that you have to decide is how long you want to walk. Be sure to remember that if you walk 60mins in one direction you will have to walk 60mins back in the other direction! So be mindful and also be sure to take a water bottle with you. 

I hope these workout ideas find you well and that you also laughed some along the way. You can turn anything into a workout intentionally like at the stairs or unintentionally like walking around the zoo. The most important thing is not ‘what’ workout you do but that you get up, get moving, and enjoy this Spring weather. 

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