30 Days of Gratitude

Gratitude? See here if you’re practicing daily gratitude.

Gratitude is not an emotion, a feeling or a thought process; it is rather a lifestyle. The secret behind anyone’s happiness or success is the fact that they strongly believe that less is more. With that being your mantra, you’ll never find yourself at a loss. 

Gratitude helps attract all kinds of positive emotions that drive you to achieve more, experience more, and, of course, celebrate more. For being grateful, you don’t necessarily need to conquer the world or achieve anything superior- all you need to do is feel content thinking whatever you have achieved is enough for you.

Gratitude is that knight in shining armour that can guide you out of the darkest times. Gratitude is the key to living a content life. We bring you thirty simple things and reasons to be grateful for, practise this religiously for the next thirty days and see the difference.

1.  For Being Alive

Yes, you read that life. The life you’re living is specially designed and meant for you to live and no one else but you. Your life is a gift, and you should be thankful for it every day because there’s so much you can do with it. Millions of people are losing their lives to this lethal pandemic, but you get to live another day; make it count.

2.  For Your Parents

No child is complete without their parents, and there’s no doubt about the fact that parents are the foundation of life for every child. They are the reason you’re in this world today so make sure to make them feel loved and never leave them alone, especially when they are old. Your parents are the epitome of unconditional love; make sure they know that.

3.  For Your Siblings

Be thankful for all those childhood memories and laughs you shared with the purest people ever- your siblings. Be grateful to your siblings for being there for you and always having your back, helping you, being your partners in crimes and above all, loving you for who you are.

4.  For Your True Friends

Everyone has friends, but not all friends are your true companions. So if you have a bunch of friends whom you can count on every time things get tough, who love you at your worst and celebrate you at your best, always be grateful for them and never lose them no matter what! Nothing can ever replace a sincere friend.

5.  For Your Mentors

Yes, you should be utterly thankful to your mentors and teachers because they have a huge role in moulding you into what you are today, from shaping you into a successful professional to making you a better person in society by grooming you. Respect and value your teachers.

6.  Your Health

Health is indeed wealth. Being able to get up every day, perform all your daily chores, work to your full potential and achieve so much more, none of this is possible without being healthy. So express your gratitude to God as He blessed you with good health and spirit.

7.  Your Sound Mind

Being healthy is not just about being physically active; it is also about being in a good state of mind. Be thankful to your mind for making you unique and someone gifted. Your mind is a powerhouse of emotion, thoughts and imagination. Thank it for handling so much on your own and giving you a clear perspective of life.

8.  Your Heart

Despite facing heartbreaks from your lost loved ones and getting disheartened at so many instances in life, your heart continued to love, believe and care. Be grateful to it for making you a gem of a person and being a ray of hope in someone’s life. Thank your heart for its resilience.

9.  Your Strength

Remember all those days when you wanted to burst into tears or break down, but you managed to pull yourself together? All those times when you wanted to give up, but you kept on working hard? That’s your strength, your ultimate power, and you should be thankful for it.

10.  Your Courage

Who doesn’t face disappointment and failure in their life? But you kept on going despite suffering from so much. Your courage didn’t waver even an inch at all, nor did it let you back down even once. Be grateful for this neverending courage and determination.

11.  Your Sound Senses

You might not always realise the importance and value of being able to touch, feel, taste, hear and see all the beautiful creations of God. It is one of the priceless gifts you were ever blessed with, a gift that has no compensation. Thank God for it, and make sure to use your senses to their best.

12.  The Things You Admire

Anything that you love or admire is an immediate source of happiness, joy and fulfilment for you. Be thankful to them for their presence in your life and always admire them in the best way possible because they gave you a reason to be happy.

13.  Your Possessions

Your belongings are a reflection of your achievement and your admiration. Each of your belongings, no matter how ordinary they are, from your sofa or bed to your cutlery, books or bags or anything, all make your life complete in some way or the other.

14.  Your Tears

Yes, you read that right. Your tears, whether happy or sad, are the best proof of the fact that you lived and experienced a moment to its fullest, and that’s something you’ll want to cherish and be thankful for, always.  Your tears bear testimony to all the highs and lows in your life.

15.  Your Mistakes

Your mistakes become a part of who you are and help you become a better person. Some mistakes are forgivable, and some serve as life lessons. Always remember that all your mistakes have made you the wise person you are today, and you should be thankful for that.

16.  Your Failures

Behind every successful person, today is a story of failure, which served as an awakening call for them. Your losses help you become wiser, realistic and way more focused. So today, thank all your failures in life because you would not have been where you are today without them.

17.  Your Enemies

Yes, be thankful for them. Why? Because they told you what not to be like or end up like. Your enemies taught you how to become strong on your own, trust yourself and have faith in yourself. Without all that negativity, you wouldn’t have found all this positivity.

18.  Your Well-Wishers

These are the people who always had faith in you even when you lost faith in yourself. They cheered for you, encouraged you, applauded you and motivated you to achieve more. Be grateful for them because such people are hard to find.

19.  Your Partner

To live is to love, which is why you should always be grateful for having someone who’s your person and someone you can confide in. Your partner is not only there to love you but is your ultimate support system, someone who makes all your bad days turn good and someone who is the definition of love for you, so be deeply grateful for having them because they complete you like no one else.

20.  Your Heartbreaks

Every time your heart broke, it only became stronger, more knowledgeable and more experienced. Despite all the suffering you went through, your heart didn’t give up and made sure you became more conscious of yourself and your surroundings.

21.  Your Career 

You excelling at your profession is something that is highly applause-worthy and impressive because not everyone would’ve come so far. Your excelling career has given you the sense of achievement, satisfaction and success you always craved for. Your job may stress you out at times, but you know very well you would never have it any other way.  Express your gratitude for it.

22.  Your Knowledge And Education

Knowledge is power, no doubt, and having it, keeping it, and using it is by far the most significant gift of God. Think about all those people who are passionate about studying but couldn’t do it. Be thankful as you were one of the chosen ones who could educate themselves and help the world become a better place.

23.  Having A Place To Call Home

Your home is your ultimate source of security and comfort, a place where you can be yourself and express yourself completely. So consider yourself lucky when you look at the beautiful home you live in, be thankful for having shelter on your head, for being able to decorate the place just the way you wanted and think about how blessed you are.

24.  Your Privileges

Everything you’ve gotten so far without asking is a privilege bestowed upon you. No matter how many privileges you have, always remember at least you have some and be thankful for them. Having a car to travel, a cupboard full of clothes, a bed to sleep on and a roof over your head- all the privileges you should be grateful for.

25.  Having Access To Clean Water And Food 

Yes, this is another very ordinary yet priceless thing you should be thankful for. You’re one of the fortunate people who get to eat what they like and have access to all types of food. Fill your heart with gratitude the next time you drink a fresh glass of water or have a hot cup of soup. Having clean food and water is indeed a luxury.

26.  The Nature Around You

Did you ever realise that you’re a work of nature as well? Have you ever felt a profound connection with the nature around you? How fresh, calming, soothing, and healing do they help you think? Imagine a world without all these vibrant green, oceanic blues and muddy browns; what a lifeless world it would be. Be thankful to all the life and nature around you; learn to cherish and protect it!

27.  Having Time

Every second, every minute that we are living is just a gift of God to us, and we shall never take it for granted. We don’t realise the value or importance of time until we’re short of it or have lost it. Make every moment of your life count, and that can only be done when you’re grateful for all the time that has been gifted to you. Learn to respect the time and appreciate it while you have it because no one knows what happens tomorrow.

28.  Having Freedom Of Expression and Speech

No human can live without expressing themselves and while freedom of speech is a fundamental human right, not every person on this planet gets to enjoy this luxury. If you’re someone who has the complete liberty to say and express their thoughts or feelings, be grateful for it. Never take the fact for granted that you have the freedom of portraying who you are in the open without any fear.

29.  Your Wealth

The fact that you can afford all the necessities of life and even luxuries makes you the wealthiest person alive. Not everyone in this world can afford basic necessities, let alone luxuries; hence if you’re someone who gets to enjoy everything they want, consider yourself wealthy and express gratitude for your financial wellbeing.

30.  For Being You

Last but not least, be genuinely grateful for who you are today. You are you, and that’s your superpower. No one ever can replace you or be who you are. You are unique, gifted and talented in your own special way, and no one on this planet can steal that from you. Love a little more, care for others and yourself, spread positivity around and never stop being yourself no matter what.

Final Words

Mental peace and satisfaction are by far the most priceless things in the world, and anyone who has suffered from phases of depression and anxiety knows very well what it’s like to be in such a state of mind. What if someone told you that you could get past it all by just practising gratitude and having positive affirmations? Yes, it is really that simple.

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