2021 Reflection – What Did This Year Teach You

What did this year teach you?

Every year we bid farewell to a unique version of ourselves, a version that will soon evolve and change into someone different, someone more mature, and someone experienced. After all this time, we were always growing, learning, and healing; every year, every single second, we witnessed a new version of ourselves, a new side to our personality the world probably didn’t know they needed. 2021 has been an unpredictable yet meaningful year.

Needless to say, there were a lot of lows that were met by highs, a lot of moments of grief and sadness that were brightened by happiness and bliss, and lastly, not to forget all those nights that soon turned into days despite us thinking that this was the end. Hence, for now, let’s focus on the silver lining and reflect on what this year taught us.

1.   Life Goes On No Matter What

The biggest lesson 2021 taught us was that no matter what happens, life never pauses for anyone. Regardless of the fact, there were times when you wanted to quit or give up or wanted life to stop for a while; you knew that could never happen because life waits for no one.

You suffered losses from which you felt you might never recover; you experienced a lot of grief that you thought would kill you, but guess what? You might have to slow down a bit, take a break, handle one thing at a time, and that’s completely okay. You soon found yourself living, despite it all. You learned that no matter who leaves, who hurts you or disappoints you, or no matter how big your loss is, you’ll eventually come to terms with it and start living your life at the same pace.

2.   Time Is Precious

You probably reminisced all those memorable times of your life when everything was normal or just the way you wanted it to be, which soon made you realize how priceless time is. That’s because you can probably buy every single luxury in this world, but you can never buy time which in turn makes it even more meaningful. Make sure you made every single minute of your life count so when you look back one day, you know you made the most out of it.

Losing track of time or not valuing it enough makes us a pit of regret, which slowly begins to consume us, which is why making every second count is extremely important. From making you the most amazing version of yourself to all those successes and failures, and those priceless memories with your loved ones, time was the only thing that made this all possible for you to experience.

3.   Happiness Is Present Even In The Dark

Being happy is a state of mind, and as long as you’re grateful, optimistic, and adaptive, you will always find yourself happy, even in the darkest of times. Of course, there are times when you feel low and think life is just black and white for you; however, you can only fill your life with colors when you realize you’re doing your best.

Just like there’s light at the end of the tunnel, there is happiness in every moment of sadness, and you can only discover that once you start looking in the right place. Life is a beautiful paradox of emotions where all positive and negative emotions coexist; your happiness depends on what type of emotions you’ll allow yourself to feel.

4.   Nothing Is Permanent

The global pandemic has taught us a meaningful lesson, and that is nothing in this world is permanent, whether good or bad. All that grief and pain that you have harbored in your heart is not going to last forever. Similarly, all those memorable moments, people you cherish and love, things you love might not always be there forever.

The fact that we know we won’t have everything forever teaches us two things; one is hope. The hope that bad times will soon be over and you’ll conquer the world. Secondly, it also tells us, not everything we adore will always stay, which enables us to be grateful for having it, valuing it, and appreciating it even more. All in all, knowing everything is temporary makes us better human beings.

5.   Little Things Matter The Most

Without any doubt, your 2021 mantra should be ‘less is more.’  If you start living your life by this rule, you’ll find both your heart and mind at peace and comfort. Sometimes, all you need is to appreciate what you have rather than complain about what you don’t have. When you’re appreciative of what you have accomplished or own, you automatically channel positivity in your life, which makes you feel your best even if you’re at your worst.

Simple efforts, loving gestures, and meaningful conversations are way more expensive than all the luxuries in the world. This year taught us that all the simple gestures carry the most value because sometimes, that’s all you need to feel better. When little things make you happy and satisfied, you automatically become a more empathetic and dedicated person.

6.   Your Loved Ones Are Your Most Prized Possession

Many of us lost our loved ones to this lethal virus; there were a lot of heavy hearts saying goodbyes, a lot of teary eyes receiving unpleasant news, and a lot of shattered souls trying to cope up with their lifetime of losses. Amidst all this, what only seemed to matter was our close family and friends.

You realize how they are an integral part of your life and how they complete you. You came to know that they are always there for you through the good and bad times; they are there to cheer you up and hold you when you lose control. You came to know that family and friends were probably your most valuable possession, and never would you ever want to trade them for anything else. You made sure to spend time with them during quarantines, even if that meant you getting mad at one another at times but still knowing you would never have it any other way.

7.   You Are More Resilient Than You Think

This year taught you to appreciate yourself, cut yourself some slack, and, most importantly, give yourself credit for a lot of things. This year was an emotional rollercoaster for you; with so much going on at the same time, you found yourself alone and helpless in many instances. But look, look at yourself and how you’ve made it so far, on your own.

There were times when you were terribly hurt, disappointed, and in grief, but never for a second did you think of giving up. This year taught you how resilient your heart is and how mindful you are as a person. You made sure to be the best version of yourself for others, made sure to be there for them, and helped them even if you didn’t feel the fullest yourself.

The way you were able to heal and cope up with everything life threw at you, you might not realize since you’re so full of humility, but you have done a lot more than you thought you could, and for that, you need to give yourself a whole lot of credit. Your resilience, your empathy, and your ability to survive against all odds are what kept you going.

Looking Forward

Life is nothing but a lesson we’re all meant to learn, sometimes the hard way and sometimes the easier way. What matters is that we never stop healing, growing, and becoming a better version of ourselves. The fact that we are observant and mindful about where life is taking us and on the journey, if we’re always open to acceptance and changes, we can surely become successful individuals as well as commendable human beings.

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