20 Surprising Winter Self-Care Tips

Are you doing any of these 20 winter self care tips?

Self-care means different things to everyone. But did you realize how we take care of ourselves also depends on the time of year? We made a list just for you to make sure you’re filled with joy in this cooler season, some of them just might surprise you.

Here’s a list of 20 things you can add to your Winter Self-Care list!

1. Bake something delicious

The house could probably use the heat, right? And if not, use your smaller toaster oven or maybe grab one of those cute little mini makers by Dash. Either way, you’ll get those amazing scents and can choose to give away the goods or enjoy them yourself. Genuine ways to get happier, instantly!

2. Sip tea by a fire (use a virtual one if you have to!)

Combine two fantastic things that bring inner warmth and peace. It may seem a little silly, but even the image and ambiance of a fake fireplace can create a calming atmosphere. Get near a fire and enjoy a warm bevvie!

3. Buy CUTE winter duds

This goes for your coat, scarf, hat, gloves, or boots. When you feel cute, going out in the cold isn’t so bad. Plus that boost of confidence is just what you needed.

4. Get new home scents 

Forget the summer florals or pumpkins, go for the holiday scents of vanilla, balsam, or cinnamon for everyday self care. Nothing like a house that smells amazing when you get home.

5. Take a ‘snow’ day

Whether or not it’s actually snowing outside, schedule yourself a day to not have to do anything. Use that time to play, veg out, or relax by yourself or with loved ones. DO NOT catch up on chores or work tasks on this day. BONUS: don’t schedule this day… wake up and declare it’s a day to play!

6. Hot bath or shower

This old self care standby works even better during the cold months. Your skin may be extra dry from the winter air and the hot water, so use oatmeal or goat milk soaps and suds to soothe and moisturize your skin.

7. Visit Santa

Not saying you need to sit on his lap… but why not get in touch with your inner child and have some fun seeing the old man bringing smiles to the children. BONUS: you might be able to visit him in an environment that adds extra nostalgia instead of just a mall. 

8. Get NEW super fuzzy socks or slippers

Enjoying a snow day, warm fire, or early morning meditation feels so much better with comfy feet. Go for your style: pretty, whimsical, or your favorite color. It’s about you and your feet.

9. Choose 1 thing to let go of, for good

This could be a new or long-time grudge you’re holding on to. Make 2022 the year you release this pain and stop letting it hold you back. Write it down and tear up the page, scream it into a quiet forest on a snowy day, or simply decide not to be upset by it anymore. Enjoy the peace that comes with it.

 10. Be a secret giver

And we don’t just mean for the holidays. During this time, when we think about thanks and gift-giving, think of someone who isn’t thanked enough, then send an anonymous gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate; just remember to tell them why you’re thanking them without signing the card. Feel the true joy of giving just to make someone smile.

11. Get over your winter body

It’s not a contest. This year has been hard on all of us, and you just might not be at your ideal weight for many reasons. Use this time to love the body you have now; that’s accomplished so much and still holds your very life each day. Flaunt your amazing self for who you are!

12. Get a new planner

Whether you like tactile, physical calendars and planners or prefer to do everything online… It’s time to look at all the new options coming out for a more organized life in 2022. SPOILER ALERT: She is You released their very own planner to cover your entire life in one beautiful book, a great option to check out.

13. Pick a new charity

There are so many worthy causes to donate to. Is there one you’ve always thought about supporting but haven’t for some reason? Adopt an elephant, help children with cancer, or help save the oceans. Whatever cause is closest to your heart, add a small donation to them monthly for the next 6 months, knowing your purpose in the world has increased just that much. 

14. Read a classic novel

We all have a list of books we’ve never read of the classic literature genre. Maybe you saw the movie or had to do a report in high school. Now’s the time to borrow it from the library, support your favorite book shop, or order it on Amazon to add a little culture to your life.

15. Plan a solo vacation

This can be tricky in the winter, so choose your destination carefully with safety in mind. Did you know there are travel agents that specialize in solo travel for women over 40? Use this time to enjoy a couple of days (or longer) away from your obligations. Don’t worry, you can get right back to them with a clearer mind when you’re home again.

16. Learn something new

Don’t just google for the answer to one of life’s nagging questions… (although helpful in general). Think about a hobby, subject, language, or person you’ve always wanted to learn and spend just 2-3 months deep diving on it. Learning gives us endorphins and keeps our brains younger. Mais oui!

17. Watch those old favorites

This time of year there’s no shortage of winter and holiday classics. Make your list and add them to your watch list. Nostalgia goes a long way, connecting you to your roots and helping you sort your past. It’s good for the soul.

18. Join a massage membership

Do you find yourself saying, “I really need to get a massage”, but forgetting to make an appointment? Consider investing in regular appointments monthly. The key: make it a priority in your life. And thank yourself for the recurring love. 

19. Keep that pedicure fresh

Just because you’re wearing socks, slippers, and those new boots doesn’t mean you should let your foot care routine slow down. Keep your feet soft and those toenails looking great, just for you. And since each journey begins with a single step, make it the prettiest step you got.

20. Make a dream board

Use a virtual board like Pinterest or cut out magazines and glue-stick them to cardboard. Whichever method you prefer, manifest your next year and beyond. Really add your biggest, wildest dreams and watch them start to happen!

Make sure to have fun this winter and take good care of yourself. Let us know which tips you tried!

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