15 summer patio ideas on a budget

Does your patio need a makeover?

When the beautiful weather finally arrives, most of us rush to the outdoors. We all love a tranquil, fun area where we can sit and enjoy nature and spend time outdoors with our family, friends and pets. Here are 15 budget friendly ideas to spruce up your outdoor space.

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Yard Sales

  • Estate Sales

  • Flea Markets

  • Consignment Shops

  • EBay (you might get lucky with a local area pickup)

Sometimes the best deals are found “off season”. Look for items that people might be selling when everyone is not looking for them, such as the perfect grill, patio set or firepit that might be posted for sale in the middle of the Winter.

Pinterest is my inspiration for just about everything. You can search Pinterest for ideas to get a perfect design in mind as to how to best use your outdoor space.

  •  Is your outdoor space a front porch?

  • A backyard patio?
  • Are you a nighttime firepit person?
  • Or would you rather snuggle on a comfy couch with a blanket and a good book?
  • Do you like to entertain?
  • How much seating will you need for guests?
  • Do you need privacy?
  • Do you need an outdoor container to store your cushions, candles, yard games?
  • Do you need a grill area?
  • Fountain or water feature?
  • Bird baths, bird feeders?
  • Do you have a pool or a hot tub?
  • Lighting?

I can’t live without my string patio lights. I keep them up and on almost all winter and love to sit by the window and look at them in the Winter. It reminds me of warmer weather days to come.

The list is endless of ideas and dreams for your perfect outdoor space on a budget.

Too busy to hunt around for your perfect items, there are many websites that have many great products at economical prices some which also offer free delivery.






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