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10 ways to stay active in winter without a gym

No excuses to stay active during winter and with restrictions still upon us

The wintery weather is upon many of us, and restrictions may still be here, but there’s no need to be a couch potato. The simplicity of squats and hip thrusts can be done while your favorite binge-worthy show is on.

Okay, winter is here, and if you are anything like me, that makes you want to avoid the cold as much as possible, chill in pj’s, and bundle up under a blanket on the couch. I get it, but winter is when we build our summer bodies. I know beach weather may seem far away, but within a blink of an eye, it will be knocking on your doorstep. So if you are having trouble staying active this winter without going to the gym, this article is for you. Here are my top 10 tips to continue to nail your fitness routine without the traditional methods in the gym. 

Take it to an Indoor Location – Want some alone time to do some shopping? Head to the mall for the day and enjoy walking around. Even if you are not buying anything, go window shopping or make a game out of it by counting how many mannequins are in the windows. How many have hats? How many have on a red shirt? Make it fun. 
Create a Home Gym– No, you do not need any fancy equipment…A few bands, kettlebells, a plyo or Bosu ball, bands with handles, and dumbbells will be more than enough get a solid home workout and keep the body guessing.  If you are on Instagram, peep my workouts on my Instagram story (@Ms.Divadoll) as the majority of the exercises can be done at home

Do a HIIT Workout– Within 20 minutes, you will be a hot, sweaty mess. Plus, HIIT circuits can be done with little to no equipment. So while you wait for your Amazon shipment of ‘Home Gym’ goodies to arrive, opt for an equipment-free HIIT circuit that combined jumping jacks, squats, burpees, crunches, and a plank variation. Do each exercise for 30 seconds back to back, then rest for 60 seconds. Feel free to tag me in your workout on Instagram, and I will repost you!

Got Stairs?- If you have stairs anywhere in your home, put them to use. Please start at the bottom and walk/jog up and down them. Switch it up by skipping steps, using weights, or even doing toe taps. This can easily be a 20-30 minute workout. Wanna make it extra sweaty + fun? Throw on multiple layers and after 3-5 trips up and down the stairs, take off one clothing article. Continue the workout until you are down to just shorts and a sports bra or tank top. 

Challenge yourself skip every other step up and down. Repeat 3 times.

Boss Sending you annoying emails?- Instead of sitting at your desk, trying to find the professional thing to say back, get up and go for a walk around the office while you ponder that thought. Ha. This way, you are burning calories and giving yourself a brief cool down session. Incorporate more movement into your work shift by making extra trips to the copier, taking the long way to the bathroom, and opting for the stairs instead of the elevator. If you work on the 20th floor, I am sorry for writing this tip.

Working From Home- Purchase a walking treadmill to place under a standing desk. This way you can be active while you attend those boring and mundane meetings your boss has forced you to log into. 

Plan a Winter Vacation- I know the norm would probably be to ‘fly south for the winter’ but this time, switch it up by heading to the mountains. Ever been skiing or snowboarding? Why not give it a try. Or if you are feeling less adventurous, head to the ice rink and go skating. 

Try a New Hobby at Your Local Rec Center- Have you ever heard of pickleball? Well, it is an indoor sport played with rackets, a ball, and a net. If badminton and tennis had a baby, it would be called pickleball. At least that is how I like to describe it. It can be played as doubles with another couple, or you can play against your spouse. Pickleball as a sport is growing across the nation, so don’t be surprised if you fall in love with it the first time you play. 

Record Players Have Made a Comeback– Break out Michael Jackson’s Thriller album and have a dance party in the living room with your loved ones. This is a good way to bond and build memories with the family. Plus, record players are roughly $50 or less now, so how can you not say no to getting one?  

Dust off the Wii– Remember when Wii’s were all the rage a few years ago. Well if you still have any of the Just Dance or Wii sports games, dust them off and get active. 

These tips are easy to tackle. Which one will you be using first? Will you head out and buy a record player to have a dance party, or will you be adding to your home gym and over flooding your Amazon Cart? Feel free to use these tips in any order and as often as you like. The trick is to make it fun and do what works best for you as long as you stay focused on fitness. 

Remember that summer will be here before you know it!



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