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10 things to bring family fun month to your home

Are you feeling a bit disconnected from your family these days?

Did you know August is family fun month! What a better way to squeeze in some last-minute family bonding before summer ends and the kids go back to school!

Family life is almost always centred on routine and rhythms like school, work, meal preparation, play dates and more. As much as these routines provide structure, security and discipline, it is the non-routine activities that will strengthen family ties and create memories.

Choose activities that will you to create and strengthen bonds with your family. The Covid-19 pandemic has seen everyone adjust their lives a great deal. Working and attending school from home is the new norm. 

 However, you can still enjoy family fun month by engaging in exciting activities at home with your spouse and children. More family time encourages success as a positive environment allows an individual to blossom and not worry. 

When everything is positive, family members have a chance to grow their potential and support each other. Some things that will bring family fun to your home may include;

1. Indoor Camping

Indoor camping is the answer you need to cure a bad case of cabin fever. While trying to stay safe, it will help your family unplug from everything and bring out the wild side of your entire family. 

Not much will be required. Just put on your pajamas and sit around the campfire. First things first, you will need to set up and pitch your tent. You can make one by using a bedsheet, dining chairs and plastic clips that will hold everything together.

Food, flashlight and binoculars should be included as well. To add more fun to the activity, be resourceful and create some of the items using recyclable materials. Engaging the children to DIY some items for the camping is a good way to enhance their creativity and problem-solving skills. 

2. Play Board Games

Board games are games that use pieces that are placed on a pre-marked tabletop board. They use elements of cards, tables, role playing and more. These games teach important skills like teamwork, enhance decision making and problem solving. 

These games are easy and exciting. They will forge deeper connections and make every minute of staying indoors productive. Some of the games that you can consider bringing include Clue.

If you’re mystery lovers, this game will make your night pass like the wind. The individual who discovers the answer to who killed Mr. Boddy in his mansion wins the game. You will also find out in what room and the type of weapon that was used after figuring out the three cards hidden within the secret envelope that hold the answers.

3. Plan a Picnic

If your family loves and enjoys picnics in the park, you can bring them into the backyard. Picnics do not need to be a lot of work when the location is the backyard. 

 Select a date that every member of the family is comfortable with and lock it down. A quick-stop to the store is the next step and make sure to invite your children so they can pick out their favourites for the meal of that day.

Involve the kids by having them help around in preparing the outdoor setting, man the grill, preparing the salad etc.

Kids enjoy dips and hence, you can consider adding that to the meal as a dessert or main meal. Healthy chips, vegetable sticks and yogurt dips are perfect options that will make planning easy and also fun for the kids. 

For the adults, choose grill items that don’t need too much preparation and that can be eaten on bread or buns. These can be sausages, marinated chicken, hamburgers and such. Spread a blanket on your lawn, bring out the cooler full of iced drinks and arrange seats for the family members. 

4. Cook

Teach your family some skills in the kitchen. Cooking is great and can be a great chance to instil a few healthy lifestyle choices. Instead of eating a lot snacks, consider reducing the number of times you take out and cook those foods at home.

For example, make a homemade pizza made from wholemeal flour and add toppings of your choice. There are plenty of other recipes that you can try out. The good thing is, there are apps that help you by providing all manner of healthy and tasty recipes and desserts.

As you mix and whisk the ingredients together, initiate conversations that help you understand each other better. You may also get to know what your children like, what they do when you are not with them. Something fun and spontaneous may also come from these discussions.

5. Research your Family Tree

Mapping the family tree is a creative way that allows your children to learn their roots and geology. Now, you may feel that the construction of a family tree is only a domain for adults. However, it can involve even the youngest children.

Family trees enable one to establish a lot of information about their families. There are people who have been able to find their loved ones as well as identify genetic and inheritable diseases. Additionally, your children may ask questions about their lineage and there is no better time to answer them than when you are creating and researching the family tree.

6. Collect Leaves for Artwork

Take a walk in your compound or the public park and collect leaves. During the free or bonding time, lay the leaves on paper and rub a crayon over them. It will create a silhouette. Alternatively, paint the leaves and use them as homemade stamps.

Pinterest is the ideal place to get ideas to enhance your craft. This may be one of the easiest fun activities because leaves are free and can be found anywhere. You do not need many materials to achieve the artwork.

Do not underestimate leaves as they are more versatile than you may think. Some of the leaf crafts may include table top trees, leaf messages, butterflies and more.

7. Watch Old Movies

On cold days or during those moments when everyone prefers a laid-back evening, it is perfectly fine to watch some TV. To add some fun to it, ditch modern cartoons and opt for some classic movies. There are many that are available whose fun is just as fresh as when they were first released. Remember Home Alone? That series never grows old even amongst adults.

8. Decorate Your Home

Beautiful homes with well-done décor can cure fatigue in an instant and give such a cosy and nice feeling. Carefully chosen colours and family portraits that have been placed in strategic places in the house give the house a sense of elegance. 

Create a list of all the undertakings that need to be done in your home in order to give it a new look.  Whether inside or outside, re-doing the lawn or replacing the flowers, have a work plan. It will enable you to work on one thing at a time and not be all over the place. 

Choose certain days of the week when this work is supposed to be done and everyone must be present.  

9. Make a DIY Craft Together

Children outgrow their clothes faster than one can imagine and thus, there will always be old and new clothes lying around the house. Select old clothes and DIY them to create something creative that can be used around the house.

An old blanket can be transformed into a doormat. Alternatively, you can collectively fashion a homemade present for your favourite aunt. By making something together, you will have a nice piece that brings memories for years to come. Secondly, teach them how to make dish wash curtain towels for fun and as an addition to your kitchen.

Lastly, if you love having potted plants around the house, consider making seed starters using egg shells. When the seeds start sprouting, take turns to water the plants until it is time to move them to a nursery bed or a bucket.

10. Look Through Old Photo Albums

Take time every once in a while, to go through the family album. One of the items that you will find for sure are old pictures that you have forgotten about. 

As you talk about the individuals in the photographs, it will evoke memories and funny stories that will cause laughter among you. The different hairstyles and sense of fashion in the old days will also be something to laugh about.

Alternatively, you can organize them into a scrapbook. It will be a good way to preserve and arrange personal and family history.

Family fun activities offer many benefits among them building self-esteem, stronger emotional bonds between family members, reduced behavioural issues as well as an opportunity to make memories. 

The advantages of these activities are not to be taken for granted. The good news is that quality time does not have to be an expensive vacation. A simple night will suffice. Every hour that you spend together cooking, cleaning, shopping counts as the children will learn important values and skills that will help them become better people.

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